A Spandex Brief for that Special Look


There are many men who prefer to wear a spandex brief when they go to their favorite swimming and tanning location. Whether it is a beach, community swimming pool, a resort pool, or just a natural swimming spot in the woods, a brief made from spandex is the perfect swimming suit. Briefs are rather flattering on most men, even if they do not have the most ideal body. Depending upon the type of material the brief is made from, they can be exceptionally flattering on any type of man’s body. They do not show the body’s worst flaws and you never have to worry about your briefs slipping off from diving into the water or when you are coming out of the water.

A spandex brief does not have to be used as a swim suit. Many men wear them as underwear for their comfort as well as convenience if they are planning to go swimming after work. This keeps them from having to return to their homes to change or having to put together a gym bag together before leaving for work. Instead, you can simply slip into your briefs and put on your work clothes. Then you are ready to go for the entire day. More men than you would imagine wear briefs made from spandex as their underwear. The guy you work next to every day just might have a pair of them on underneath their work suits.

Now if you want that special look while wearing your jeans or dress slacks, a spandex brief is your answer. Spandex is such a versatile material that it molds itself to your body, giving you that smooth appearance while emphasizing the shape of your ass, making it appear shapely and tight. Nothing is ever going to compare to briefs made from spandex when it comes to achieving that special look. Your walk will have everyone watching you as you stroll by them and that will be worth it all.

Have you Worn a Spandex Brief


When you hear people, mostly men, talk about something called a spandex brief whether they are discussing swimming suits or underwear. You see, briefs are made from all sorts of fabrics even though they can be cotton, denim or spandex. However, briefs made from spandex seem to be catching on and are becoming much more popular than any other material to create briefs. There are quite a few reasons that spandex is chosen to make various garments and, once you try them for yourself, you will begin to understand why they are so popular and never look back at the ordinary swim suits and underwear.

If you are leaning in the direction of purchasing a spandex brief in the style of a swim suit, you will be very pleased with your decision. Spandex allows you to feel as if you are wearing nothing. You can wear spandex in the form of brief underwear or in the form of a swim suit and you will barely feel the material against your skin. Many men state that they feel as if they are going commando even when they are wearing work suits. This material is said to be one of the most comfortable ones in existence and more men are turning to it for their briefs.

Men that wear spandex in any form swear by it as being the only fabric to turn to no matter what they are wearing it in. Obviously, the briefs have been around a long time but the spandex brief is still somewhat new. The spandex material had to be invented first and then perfected before garments could be fashioned from it. Once that happened and spandex hit the market, there were so many things that were created, especially in athletic clothing. Briefs are a part of that area and those made from spandex work so much better than fabric that sticks to your sweaty skin rather than breathes with it. Give it a try and you will see for yourself.

Sticking to Wearing a Spandex Brief


When you think about a spandex brief, whether it is as a swimsuit or underwear, you might also think about which works best for you and why you prefer them over cotton or even silk ones. Obviously, spandex is the ideal fabric for many guys and there are plenty of good reasons for that fact. One of the biggest reasons is that spandex is almost like wearing a second skin. It breathes when your skin breathes. It also feels like you are wearing nothing at all. The nudist in men really enjoy that aspect of spandex. You will have a lot fun walking around at work in your business suit feeling as if you are not wearing anything under your slacks.

The next thing about wearing a spandex brief is the comfort that comes with it. The type of comfort that spandex provides for men is what makes most of them switch from whatever material they had been using in the past. You know there are plenty of men who choose to wear cotton briefs or even silk ones. Most of the time, once guys have discovered the deliciousness of spandex, they typically go home and discard their cotton underwear and trade them for spandex ones. To be honest, many of these men will keep their silk briefs, though, because they feel kind of good, too. However, they still find themselves wearing the spandex ones more often, though.

In examining the reasons for why men adore a spandex brief, one that cannot be left out is the endurance that they have. They are quite strong and mold to the shape of your body. These are wonderful aspects when it comes to spandex. You can get spandex in many items but a brief made from this fabric is a totally wonderful and exciting experience. If you have not ever tried a brief made from spandex, you simply do not know what you are missing and should at least give it a try as soon as possible.

The Spandex Brief Experience

The Spandex Brief Experience

A spandex brief experience is something no man should ever miss. It is one of those times when you can look back and realize the first time you slipped into a brief made from spandex. You will remember it because it just might be the first time that you felt tremendously sexy. It will also be a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life because it is at that time you have discovered there is nothing like spandex. In fact, most men who try spandex items never go back to ordinary fabric. They continue to do whatever they can to find unique spandex garments, although they do seem to favor the brief style to wear to work.

Now, if you are one of the many men in the world who have never tried a spandex brief experience, you need to get busy shopping for a pair right this minute! Obviously, you can probably find a few of these briefs on the rack at your favorite men’s store, but you do not have to run out and get them. If you have a home computer and access to the internet, there is no reason that you have to go anywhere to do shopping. You do not even have to get dressed. All you have to do is get comfortable in front of your computer and start searching for websites that carry men’s erotic items. Then browse your favorite sites and choose the one that calls your name.

There will typically be a size chart for a spandex brief on these websites. If you know your size already, and most men do, all you have to do find the briefs that you really like and know that they will look sexy on you. However, since this is an experiment, you do not have to commit to ever wearing these briefs again. That is not likely to happen, though. Very few men have ever slipped into spandex of any item without being changed forever. You can bet all of those cotton tightie whities that you have been wearing all this time will go right into the garbage bin because once you have worn spandex, you will never wear anything else.


Be Safe in a Spandex Brief


One might not think of wearing a spandex brief as making him safe but there is something that must be considered when you are deciding whether or not to head to the beach or local community swimming pool. That safety measure is whether or not you will be able to keep your swimsuit on while jumping and diving through the waves. This is especially true when a man is, possibly, a little too comfortable and confident when it comes to combatting the water. While you may be a man who is athletic and can easily go through swimming in any type of body of water, you still need to be careful that you are wearing a swimsuit that will have no chance of being ripped from your body right there in front of everyone.

The spandex brief is one of the best swimsuits for men who are a bit adventurous in all bodies of water. To begin with, spandex is one of the best, if not the best, fabric to wear when undergoing a strenuous swimming event. Many guys enjoy trying to show that they are stronger than the ocean and will dive or surf through the hardest waves. The problem comes in when these men are not wearing the top fabric for this type of activity. A wave will suddenly hit them harder than they had expected and knock them under the water. When they emerge, it is to find that they are no longer wearing their swimsuit. That has even happened to celebrity men who are wearing tiny swimsuits made of other fabric besides spandex. They have no solution except to leap out of the water and race quickly to their towel on the beach.

Many men have gone through this rather embarrassing experience and none of them were wearing a spandex brief. Could that be the reason that they lost their swimsuits when they were in that wave? Very possibly. Of course, not everyone believes that spandex keeps you from losing your swimsuit when cavorting about in the ocean, but you need to check some statistics and find that spandex swimsuits protect you from having to go through that most uncomfortable experience. You might be a bit surprised at what you find.


Having Fun in a Spandex Brief


I have found it extremely pleasant to go out to the beach while wearing my spandex brief over anything else that I have ever worn before. I have worn all kinds of different types of swimwear before but the brief styles that I have now are absolutely amazing. There is something very special about going out and having fun on a beach while wearing something like this. I used to hate going to the beach because I was always wearing the same swimwear designs that everyone else had. It became a chore for me to actually get ready knowing that no one was going to be paying any attention to me.


One day I saw a guy that was wearing a spandex brief design and realized that he was getting a lot more attention than anyone else on the beach. That is when I decided that I would go online to see if there were any brief designs that I might be comfortable wearing in front of others. Needless to say I bought three pairs that night and haven’t looked back since them. Now I have a huge collection of briefs that I enjoy wearing and all that attention goes to me rather than the other guys on the beach.

If you are looking at having fun on the beach than you need to get your hands on some spandex brief designs as soon as possible. It won’t be too long before that warm weather comes rolling in again and you will need something to show you r body off with. Of course you should try them out before going in public so that you can get used to the way they fit, especially if you have never worn anything like this before. Or you can go crazy like I did and buy a bunch in order to wear them for the first time out in public. Some people prefer to live their life out on the edge like I do while others like to take a safer course.

Spandex Men Willing to Help Me


Being around spandex men as much as I have been lately has gotten me interested in wearing some of the designs that I have seen. Now I will confess that I don’t really have the body to be wearing most of the spandex designs that I have seen other guys wearing. But there have been a few of them that I think I would look pretty good in. The guys that I have been hanging out with all seem to think that I should give in and start wearing spandex like they do but I don’t think I am quite ready for that yet.

Me wearing a total femme male to female transformation spandex suit. Men showing lips is super hot right now.


These spandex men have been wearing their designs for a long time now and they have had time to work on their bodies in order to look their best. I, on the other hand, have only been around them for a couple of weeks and didn’t even know things like this existed before meeting up with them. I would have to take a good amount of time in the gym before I was comfortable wearing some of the designs that these guys are wearing out in public. I know this because I have been laughed at by just wearing shorts to the beach before.

The more time I spend with these spandex men, the more I want to buy some spandex and start wearing it. I will have to start looking for some designs that are a bit milder than what they have on though. It shouldn’t be all that difficult as they have all given me great websites that I can look through to find something. A couple of them have even offered to help me pick out my first design to make sure I don’t end up buying something I am not ready to wear just yet. The more I think about it the more I want to get it over with so I can start having fun like they do. I guess I will have to take them up on their offer and become a spandex guy like them now.

Spandex Brief Designs Make My Boring Day Happy Again


Few things make me as happy as wearing my spandex brief designs to work. I think the main reason that I love wearing them to work so much is that I absolutely hate where I work and all the people that are involved. There is nothing more demeaning than having to get up every morning and go to a job that you despise knowing that the only thing keeping you sane is the pair of briefs you have on under your pants. I know I could go out and find another job but I do make pretty good money and that allows me to buy more briefs.

The fact that I work so much means that I am wearing my spandex briefs designs more than ever. I hardly ever have any time to go out with friends or even sit in front of the TV and just relax. If I am not working then there is a very good chance that I am sleeping. I do keep imagining the day that I quit this horrid job though and it involves me stripping down to my briefs and walking into the boss’ office with a huge smile on my face. Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later.


I think the best possible job I could find would to be a spandex brief model for one of those sexy swimwear sites online. I know I would be a good model for stuff like this since I am constantly posing in the mirror and taking pictures of myself with my phone. I know that sounds a bit conceded but when your life is as boring as mine, you have to do something to entertain yourself or you would lose your mind rather quickly. Just be glad I am not the person running the business that I work for or I would make everyone wear these brief designs at least one day a week.

I Do Love My Spandex Brief Designs


I have a great spandex brief design that I love wearing every day. In fact I love this particular design so much that I went ahead and bought 12 of them just so I could wear them every day. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about them either as I will be more than happy to strip down and show them off. I have been known to take my pants off at work in my office and hold meetings in my briefs, although no one can see under my desk so they don’t know about that. I probably wouldn’t have a job if anyone actually found out about that too.

Of course if anyone did saying anything about my spandex brief designs I could just wave it off as wearing shorts to work, which isn’t exactly professional but I think I could get away with it and not lose my job. I do wish I could find a job out on a beach somewhere that wearing things like this would actually be considered normal. I don’t know what kind of skills I would need in order to have a job like that but it would be amazing to have a job that I could wear a swimsuit to work every day and people wouldn’t look at me like I had lost my mind.


I do like the fact that I have started seeing more guys wearing spandex brief designs on the beach which means that they are becoming more popular. It’s always good to know that something you enjoy is being enjoyed by more people around you. I’m pretty sure that a lot of guys wear wearing them under their pants just like I do as well and that makes me excited for some reason. I think all of us brief wearing spandex junkies should get together and show the world what they have been missing out on one of these days. We could have a giant parade through the main streets of every city on earth and make the world realize that everyone has the right to be happy in their lives.

Relieve Stress with a Spandex Brief Design


I love wearing my spandex brief designs under my clothes especially while I am working. I have a rather high stress job and wearing something like this makes me a lot more comfortable. I can remember what it was like before wearing briefs like this and I was constantly on the verge of having a mental breakdown because of all the stress, but now I can make it through the entire day with a smile on my face and no worries at all. If you have a high stress job then you know what I am talking about and wearing something like this can definitely help.

I have also found that wearing a spandex brief design out to the clubs can be quite interesting. Now I don’t wear the same designs that I wear to work because that would be odd. I actually bought some more erotic versions of these briefs to wear when I go out for fun and they really do the job. I always end up getting to show my briefs off to someone by the end of the night and that can make for a very successful evening if you know what I mean.

Now you don’t have to wear spandex brief designs and go out every night or anything like that if you don’t want to. Doing things like that is up to you on a personal level but I can tell you that you will want to show off your briefs every chance you get when you do finally start wearing them. They are truly amazing and I couldn’t imagine going back to the life that I lived before finding out about them. I would have to say that wearing these briefs has been the one recently defining moment in my life that I thank myself for every single day I wake up.