I Do Love My Spandex Brief Designs


I have a great spandex brief design that I love wearing every day. In fact I love this particular design so much that I went ahead and bought 12 of them just so I could wear them every day. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about them either as I will be more than happy to strip down and show them off. I have been known to take my pants off at work in my office and hold meetings in my briefs, although no one can see under my desk so they don’t know about that. I probably wouldn’t have a job if anyone actually found out about that too.

Of course if anyone did saying anything about my spandex brief designs I could just wave it off as wearing shorts to work, which isn’t exactly professional but I think I could get away with it and not lose my job. I do wish I could find a job out on a beach somewhere that wearing things like this would actually be considered normal. I don’t know what kind of skills I would need in order to have a job like that but it would be amazing to have a job that I could wear a swimsuit to work every day and people wouldn’t look at me like I had lost my mind.


I do like the fact that I have started seeing more guys wearing spandex brief designs on the beach which means that they are becoming more popular. It’s always good to know that something you enjoy is being enjoyed by more people around you. I’m pretty sure that a lot of guys wear wearing them under their pants just like I do as well and that makes me excited for some reason. I think all of us brief wearing spandex junkies should get together and show the world what they have been missing out on one of these days. We could have a giant parade through the main streets of every city on earth and make the world realize that everyone has the right to be happy in their lives.