Giving Spandex Brief a Chance


I love wearing my spandex brief any chance I get, which is usually every single day. I love walking around town showing off my designs to anyone who will look in my direction and even when it is cold outside, I can still wear them under my pants. This is such a versatile clothing option that I have actually thought about giving up all of my underwear and swimwear and only wearing these for the rest of my life. I do not understand why I had not found out about these things earlier in my life but I am glad that I did finally discover them.

If you have not put a spandex brief on your body yet, then you need to get out there and buy one. These things are absolutely amazing and something that I highly recommend every guy to try out at least once. You might feel a bit odd in them when you first put them on, but you will soon learn that there is nothing else like them on the planet. Do not let that snug feeling stop you from wearing them, either. I have a friend who could not handle that sensation of being constricted and he stopped wearing them and was not able to get to the moment of realization that these things should be the only option for guys to wear.


Once you break that wall and realize that a good spandex brief is all you need to be truly comfortable and happy in your social life, you will be amazed at how much less stress you have to deal with. I know it sounds funny but that is exactly what I have come to find in my life and I tried telling my friend that, but he would not listen. Unlike him, I like the tight feeling of wearing these briefs and I will continue wearing them for as long as I can pull them up my legs.