Spandex Brief and the best tan line.

Spandex Brief

If you are not out on the beach wearing the newest spandex brief designs, then you are missing out on something amazing. You have probably seen all those guys and gals walking around in something made from spandex these days. It would actually be pretty hard to miss them unless you did not know what spandex was, but that seems a bit odd. Everyone knows what spandex looks like, or at least they should. After all, those 80’s rock and hair metal bands used to wear nothing but spandex most of the time. Remember those black, tight, shiny pants that they used to wear? The briefs that are coming out into the public eye these days make all those silly costumes look like a child’s Halloween prank.

I have been wearing a spandex brief design of one type or another for the last 10 years and I have to say that they are the best things I have ever put on specifically to wear to the beach. I used to be one of those guys that enjoyed wearing board shorts to the beach because I thought they made me look cool. Plus, I was a bit shy when it came to showing off my body in general. Happily, these days I love being able to show off my body with spandex being the absolute best way of accomplishing that. You should know that there are plenty of designs available that you can wear that won’t show off too much if that is something concerning you.

If you prefer a more erotic spandex brief, you will be able to find those, too. In fact, I have quite a few designs like that and I enjoy wearing them as often as I can. My partner thinks there is something wrong with me half the time, but I can swear that I only wear them because I like them so much. I can also say that, while my partner seems to think there might be something wrong with me, they like it when I am wearing my erotic spandex brief designs. I have the scratch marks down my back to prove it. You may not be able to get that kind of a reaction when you wear something like this, but it is definitely worth the effort to try. I found it rather entertaining to find which designs made the biggest change in attitude.

Men’s micro spandex brief designs. Swimwear at it’s best!