My Spandex Brief Fantasy

  Wearing a spandex brief under you pants is something that just about any guy would be willing to do in order to feel comfortable throughout the day. But it takes a real man to walk around in nothing except a brief regardless of what he might be doing. That is exactly what I told […]

Feeling Sexy at Work in my Spandex Brief

  A good men’s spandex brief design will feel like you are wearing absolutely nothing when you have them on. I have to constantly look down to make sure that I am not walking around naked every time I am wearing mine, which can be quite annoying when I am wearing them under my clothes […]

Spandex Brief Swimwear for Sale Online

  I found out that there are these things called spandex brief swimwear that you can purchase online. I never really thought about wearing any kind of swimwear made out of spandex or that they actually made swimwear like that. I always bought my swimwear from the local Dollar Store and, while they aren’t the […]