The Spandex Brief Experience

The Spandex Brief Experience A spandex brief experience is something no man should ever miss. It is one of those times when you can look back and realize the first time you slipped into a brief made from spandex. You will remember it because it just might be the first time that you felt tremendously […]

My Spandex Brief Surprise

  A good men’s swimwear brief will fit you like a glove and yet keep people guessing as to the true nature of what is underneath that glove. I love showing off my body whenever I go out to the beach, but I don’t want to show off everything. I want them to keep guessing […]

The Amazing Spandex Brief

The Amazing Spandex Brief The new men’s spandex brief designs in swimwear are absolutely amazing in my opinion. I have never seen anything so sexy in my entire life. Well, nothing that could be worn on a guy besides me. I love the fact that they are nice and tight yet reveal just enough to […]