Loving my Spandex Brief


I love brief designs and when I found out about the spandex brief designs that guys are buying these days; I knew that I was missing out on something extraordinary. This is something that I had always thought should be made, but never considered that anyone would actually do it. I love spandex and I love to wear brief designs, but since I am not a designer; I figured that I would never get the chance to wear them together; until now that is. I have finally found a site that sells these wonderful garments and I am doing everything in my power to not buy every design that I come across.


I am not very mindful of money when it comes to things that I like, so I know that buying spandex brief designs is going to cause me some problems financially speaking. The good news is that these designs are pretty reasonable therefore I do not have to worry about dropping a lot of money on something that I might regret later. Although how I could ever regret buying something like this in the first place is beyond me. I do not think something like that would ever be possible when you consider how much I love any kind of brief designs.

I gave up wearing underwear altogether until I found out about the brief design, and now I can have spandex with that design. It seems like I am in a dream and if that is what is happening to me right now; then I do not ever want to wake up again. I will be more than happy to just sit back and continue the dream for as long as possible if I get to wear spandex like this. I know it sounds weird, but this is probably the best thing to happen to my life in a very long time. Whoever invented the material of spandex is a true genius and the person who paired it with briefs was another genius.