The Spandex Brief and a Small Town

I love my new spandex brief design, but I can’t wear it to any beaches. In fact, I can’t show it off at any place where I live. I really want to, but there is no beach within 500 miles of me, and the small town I live in doesn’t even have a public pool that I can visit. I know that I would probably get arrested if I started walking around town in something like this so I have to settle with getting a tan in my backyard while wearing my briefs. My life is so sad sometimes.

I have always been ahead of everyone else in this town when it comes to fashion. The thought of wearing a spandex brief design is amazing to me, but the people around me would never allow it. Even my last girlfriend thought there was something wrong with me when she saw me wearing my briefs in the backyard one day. It probably didn’t help all that much that I always tried to hide this part of my life, but she could have called ahead of time or something to let me know she was coming over. I would have been happy to change into something more appropriate.


I want to live in a place where I can wear my men’s spandex brief designs out in public and people compliment me on them rather than throwing bottles or rocks at me. I am tired of trying to get people to understand that there is more to life that church picnics and town hall meetings. Maybe I should find somewhere else to live and just leave all this bigotry behind me. It is time that I started living my life for myself rather than trying to please all these closed minded people in this small town. Not to mention, in a more open minded location; I would get to enjoy wearing my briefs anytime I liked.


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