Spandex Brief Designs Keep Changing

  pandexI thought it was weird seeing a guy wearing spandex brief designs for the first time, just like any other guy probably thought at first. Now, however, it is one of the most common things ever. I like to think back when swimwear was something universal in design and how people thought when all […]

Are You a Spandex Brief Guy?

  When it comes to choosing from various swimsuit styles, would you consider yourself to be a spandex brief guy? If so, you might want to consider the reasons why you prefer this type of swimsuit or underwear. Is it because you do not feel that your body is fit enough to appear in something […]

A Spandex Brief for that Special Look

  There are many men who prefer to wear a spandex brief when they go to their favorite swimming and tanning location. Whether it is a beach, community swimming pool, a resort pool, or just a natural swimming spot in the woods, a brief made from spandex is the perfect swimming suit. Briefs are rather […]

Having Fun in a Spandex Brief

  I have found it extremely pleasant to go out to the beach while wearing my spandex brief over anything else that I have ever worn before. I have worn all kinds of different types of swimwear before but the brief styles that I have now are absolutely amazing. There is something very special about […]

Enlightening the World on the Spandex Brief

  I love wearing a spandex brief out to the beach. It’s not overly erotic or sexy on me, but it gives me something different to wear than the typical swimwear that everyone else is wearing. I also enjoy the fact that there are a lot more guys in the world wearing the same thing […]

The Amazing Spandex Brief

The Amazing Spandex Brief The new men’s spandex brief designs in swimwear are absolutely amazing in my opinion. I have never seen anything so sexy in my entire life. Well, nothing that could be worn on a guy besides me. I love the fact that they are nice and tight yet reveal just enough to […]

A Special Spandex Brief Design

  I never knew that you could purchase a spandex brief swimsuit until a friend pointed them out to me online. They looked extremely comfortable to me even though my friend was making fun of them. He kept saying that anyone that would wear something like that should be banned from walking around outside. I […]

Shopping for the Perfect Spandex Brief

  If you are a discerning man when it comes to fashion and style when you are on the beach, adding that perfect spandex brief to the new selection that you are assembling can make all the difference. Have a look at the many styles and designs of these types of briefs and you will […]