The Spandex Brief is Still Popular

The Spandex Brief is Still Popular When people think of briefs, nearly all of them picture those tightie whities of the past. The more popular briefs today are made from that mysterious material called spandex. Yes, the spandex brief is still well-known all over the world with many men wearing them even surreptitiously under their […]

Enjoy Your Spandex Brief

Enjoy Your Spandex Brief Who says it has to be warm weather in order to give a spandex brief as a gift? Or that you cannot buy one of these for yourself during any season of the year? A spandex brief is a garment that can be enjoyed year-round. Obviously, guys can wear these briefs […]

Changing the World One Spandex Brief at a Time

Changing the World One Spandex Brief at a Time I have seen my fair share of spandex brief designs and I probably own over half of them. I love the way they feel against my body. It is such a crazy sensation and I have no issues with buying every design that I see online. […]

Spandex Brief Designs Keep Changing

  I thought it was weird seeing a guy wearing spandex brief designs for the first time, just like any other guy probably thought at first. Now, however, it is one of the most common things ever. I like to think back when swimwear was something universal in design and how people thought when all […]

Date Night: The Spandex Brief

  Not to sound sheltered, but for my whole life, I had always worn boxers. Never had I laid eyes on a thong, spandex brief, G-string, or bikinis for men. At least, not until I met Pierce. He was a man I saw all the time at work. He often wore a suit, and looked […]

Pick Your Perfect Spandex Brief

  Why not try out a spandex brief? Just picture it. You are standing in front of your floor length mirror, trying on all of your swimwear from the past few years. It has been a while since you have upgraded your wardrobe to really reflect the styles of this season. You have been holding […]

A Spandex Brief for that Special Look

  There are many men who prefer to wear a spandex brief when they go to their favorite swimming and tanning location. Whether it is a beach, community swimming pool, a resort pool, or just a natural swimming spot in the woods, a brief made from spandex is the perfect swimming suit. Briefs are rather […]

The Spandex Brief Experience

The Spandex Brief Experience A spandex brief experience is something no man should ever miss. It is one of those times when you can look back and realize the first time you slipped into a brief made from spandex. You will remember it because it just might be the first time that you felt tremendously […]