The Spandex Brief is Still Popular

The Spandex Brief is Still Popular When people think of briefs, nearly all of them picture those tightie whities of the past. The more popular briefs today are made from that mysterious material called spandex. Yes, the spandex brief is still well-known all over the world with many men wearing them even surreptitiously under their […]

Enjoy Your Spandex Brief

Enjoy Your Spandex Brief Who says it has to be warm weather in order to give a spandex brief as a gift? Or that you cannot buy one of these for yourself during any season of the year? A spandex brief is a garment that can be enjoyed year-round. Obviously, guys can wear these briefs […]

Pick Your Perfect Spandex Brief

  Why not try out a spandex brief? Just picture it. You are standing in front of your floor length mirror, trying on all of your swimwear from the past few years. It has been a while since you have upgraded your wardrobe to really reflect the styles of this season. You have been holding […]

Special Occasion Spandex Brief

  I have a new spandex brief that I want to wear but I need to wait for the right moment. The design I bought was fairly special so I cannot just wear it at any time and feel happy about it. I need something like a wedding or special ceremony to wear a design […]

Getting Acquainted with the Spandex Brief for Men

  The spandex brief seems to have never received the positive reviews that it deserves. Many guys tend to shy away from briefs when it comes to swimsuits or underwear alike because they feel that these are not as trendy and fashionable as other similar items available on the market. Admittedly, the brief style has […]

Spandex Brief Designs and Fitting In

  If you are looking for something new to wear to the beach but you aren’t ready to show off too much skin then spandex brief designs might be what you need. These are still sexy designs like all spandex swimwear you find but they aren’t going to be showing off too much of your […]

Selecting a Spandex Brief

  Now that the holidays are just around the corner, people with special men in their lives will begin shopping around for a spandex brief in their search for the perfect holiday gift to put under the tree. What man would not love getting a brief like this on Christmas morning? All you have to […]

Strange Experiences in my Spandex Brief

  I have a men’s spandex brief design that I love wearing but every time I put it on, something strange happens. I would say that the things are cursed or something but the strange things that happen are not always bad. Sometimes the things that happen are actually good, but the way they happen are […]

Spandex Brief Insanity

  There are times when I am wearing one of my spandex brief designs that I want to rip my pants off and show the world what I have to offer. Unfortunately, those times are always at a moment when I am in a place that I should never rip my pants off or remove […]

My Special Occasion Spandex Brief

  I have a special spandex brief that I like to wear whenever I go out to the clubs on the weekends. I have numerous other briefs that I wear the rest of the time, but this one is specifically worn to the clubs and that is all. The main reason for this is that […]