Men Love Spandex Briefs

Spandex Brief One of the most well-known swimsuit as well as underwear styles is the spandex brief. Of course, these briefs are made from other material as well, but men who have worn them say that there is no contest when it comes to briefs created from spandex.  This is the most remarkable and versatile […]

The Spandex Brief Dare

  While wearing one of my favorite spandex briefs designs to the beach, I had a young lady come up and start a pleasant conversation with me. Now this isn’t really out of the ordinary for me since I always have people come up to me and start asking me questions about what I am […]

Nothing Beats a Spandex Brief

  Wearing a comfortable men’s spandex brief is unlike anything you could ever imagine. There are simply no words that you can use to describe the feelings I get when wearing something of this nature. It truly is amazing that there are people in the world that understand the emotional aspect of comfort and relaxation to […]

The Spandex Brief and Contests

  One of the favorite uses of the spandex brief is by men that are competing in contests of various types. Obviously, the brief comes in handy when engaging in swimming and diving competitions, but they are also highly valued by men who are in body building competitions. Nothing shows off a perfectly sculpted male […]