Spandex Brief and the best tan line.

Spandex Brief If you are not out on the beach wearing the newest spandex brief designs, then you are missing out on something amazing. You have probably seen all those guys and gals walking around in something made from spandex these days. It would actually be pretty hard to miss them unless you did not […]

Enjoy Your Spandex Brief

Enjoy Your Spandex Brief Who says it has to be warm weather in order to give a spandex brief as a gift? Or that you cannot buy one of these for yourself during any season of the year? A spandex brief is a garment that can be enjoyed year-round. Obviously, guys can wear these briefs […]

Date Night: The Spandex Brief

  Not to sound sheltered, but for my whole life, I had always worn boxers. Never had I laid eyes on a thong, spandex brief, G-string, or bikinis for men. At least, not until I met Pierce. He was a man I saw all the time at work. He often wore a suit, and looked […]

Having Fun in a Spandex Brief

  I have found it extremely pleasant to go out to the beach while wearing my spandex brief over anything else that I have ever worn before. I have worn all kinds of different types of swimwear before but the brief styles that I have now are absolutely amazing. There is something very special about […]

Being So Wrong about the Spandex Brief

  Wearing a spandex brief design always seemed like a strange thing to me. They already have so many different brief designs on the market so why would spandex make it any better? I could not figure out what kind of a sick individual would want that sort of material against his body in that […]

Strange Experiences in my Spandex Brief

  I have a men’s spandex brief design that I love wearing but every time I put it on, something strange happens. I would say that the things are cursed or something but the strange things that happen are not always bad. Sometimes the things that happen are actually good, but the way they happen are […]

My Special Occasion Spandex Brief

  I have a special spandex brief that I like to wear whenever I go out to the clubs on the weekends. I have numerous other briefs that I wear the rest of the time, but this one is specifically worn to the clubs and that is all. The main reason for this is that […]

My Spandex Brief Fantasy

  Wearing a spandex brief under you pants is something that just about any guy would be willing to do in order to feel comfortable throughout the day. But it takes a real man to walk around in nothing except a brief regardless of what he might be doing. That is exactly what I told […]

My First Experience with a Spandex Brief

  I have a friend that recently purchased a spandex brief design and wanted me to take a look at it to see if he should wear it out to the beach the next time we went. I had no idea what he was talking about when he was trying to explain the design to […]