My First Experience with a Spandex Brief

  I have a friend that recently purchased a spandex brief design and wanted me to take a look at it to see if he should wear it out to the beach the next time we went. I had no idea what he was talking about when he was trying to explain the design to […]

My Lucky Spandex Brief

  I have a spandex brief design that I only wear to business meetings. It seems like every time I wear this one particular brief to these types of meetings they always go my way. I had one business meeting with the possibility of gaining a huge client but I didn’t think they were going […]

Getting the Right Size of Spandex Brief

  I have found that it takes a special attitude to wear a spandex brief design out in public. You would think that since it is a brief design, it would be extremely comforting to wear in public, but my experience has been a little off. I will say that the first brief design I […]

A Special Spandex Brief Design

  I never knew that you could purchase a spandex brief swimsuit until a friend pointed them out to me online. They looked extremely comfortable to me even though my friend was making fun of them. He kept saying that anyone that would wear something like that should be banned from walking around outside. I […]