Spandex Brief and the best tan line.

Spandex Brief If you are not out on the beach wearing the newest spandex brief designs, then you are missing out on something amazing. You have probably seen all those guys and gals walking around in something made from spandex these days. It would actually be pretty hard to miss them unless you did not […]

Men’s Spandex Brief. Oh Boy!

Spandex Brief Briefs for men have been around for many years. They take on the job of serving as underwear or even a spandex brief swimsuit for men who consider comfort as well as appearance to be of importance to them. To be fair, spandex items have been around for quite some time. Most people […]

Men Love Spandex Briefs

Spandex Brief One of the most well-known swimsuit as well as underwear styles is the spandex brief. Of course, these briefs are made from other material as well, but men who have worn them say that there is no contest when it comes to briefs created from spandex.  This is the most remarkable and versatile […]

Spandex Brief

Spandex Brief You may be a man who chooses the spandex brief over all of the choices out there. If you are; then you are doing something that other men have missed out on. First, think about what you like in briefs. They offer a snug, yet flattering, fit which gives you a great looking […]

Feel Sexy in a Spandex Brief

Feel Sexy in a Spandex Brief All men want to feel sexy at different times in their lives, but most definitely when they are at their favorite swimming and tanning venue. That is why many of them choose a spandex brief for such locations. The sexiness that this particular brief offers to the men who […]

The Spandex Brief is Still Popular

The Spandex Brief is Still Popular When people think of briefs, nearly all of them picture those tightie whities of the past. The more popular briefs today are made from that mysterious material called spandex. Yes, the spandex brief is still well-known all over the world with many men wearing them even surreptitiously under their […]