Feel Sexy in a Spandex Brief

Feel Sexy in a Spandex Brief

All men want to feel sexy at different times in their lives, but most definitely when they are at their favorite swimming and tanning venue. That is why many of them choose a spandex brief for such locations. The sexiness that this particular brief offers to the men who wear it is second to none. In fact, these briefs are not limited to just swimming. They can be worn beneath outer clothes as underwear. This is especially true of guys who like a good aquatic workout at the end of a long day. They do not even have to go home and change into a swimsuit when they use these briefs as underwear. All they need to do is hit the gym or wherever you prefer to do your swimming. That is something that makes life just a little bit easier.

A spandex brief offers quite a few ways to make guys feel sexy. One thing that men appreciate about these briefs is the way that spandex feels against their skin. They usually say that it does not feel as if they are wearing anything at all, which can be quite appealing when you have a demanding schedule through the day. Spandex is not a well-kept secret among men who are discerning about what they wear. That includes underwear, in particular, as this is what they must wear all day every day. It makes a lot of difference if their briefs are made from spandex.

Something else that a spandex brief provides to the man who wears it is the way it molds to his body. It truly is like a second skin because of the way it breathes, almost like it is a living entity. Of course, it is an entity that keeps a man feeling great all day long. In fact, if you notice other men around you who seem to be very relaxed and sporting big smiles on their faces; chances are that they are wearing briefs made of spandex, They really do put you in a relaxed and better frame of mind.


Photo of me wearing something totally new. Instead of spandex this is a neoprene brief bikini by Koalaswim.com

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