Pick Your Perfect Spandex Brief


Why not try out a spandex brief? Just picture it. You are standing in front of your floor length mirror, trying on all of your swimwear from the past few years. It has been a while since you have upgraded your wardrobe to really reflect the styles of this season. You have been holding onto outdated swim trunks, old bikinis, torn up swim shorts, and none of them show their former glory. So as you stand in the mirror looking at your failed selection, you start to wonder if it is time to try something new. Well, honey, it is time!

This is when you know you are due to order a new spandex brief. Picking the perfect one for you is much deeper than picking your favorite color. You need a color that matches your skin tone and your personality type. If you like to give off more of a mysterious, brooding vibe, you may want to go for a dark color like black, or a deep red. If you want to show that you are sunny, happy, and funny, you may pick yellow, pink, or a lime green. For those of you who consider yourselves pretty down to earth, you may go for more of a forest green, navy blue, or a grey color.

When you select the perfect spandex brief, you will also want to consider what size you should get. Swimsuits can get a little tighter when they get wet, so it may be a good idea to go up a size or find a spandex brief with an elastic waistband to stretch to conform to your figure. If you have a rounder butt, you may also want to account for a little extra space in that department. Many sites online offer easy and efficient ways of helping you to determine the best fit for you.