Special Occasion Spandex Brief


I have a new spandex brief that I want to wear but I need to wait for the right moment. The design I bought was fairly special so I cannot just wear it at any time and feel happy about it. I need something like a wedding or special ceremony to wear a design this special. Unfortunately, I do not have anything like that coming up in my life any time soon. I have even thought about looking around online to see if there were any special events happening around town that I could wear it to. But I think that might be going a little bit too far.

I have other spandex brief designs that I wear all the time so having something special like this is important to me. I want something that I only wear on occasions that would require me to dress up since my other designs are pretty basic. Too bad I do not have much of a social life, though, because if I did; I am sure I could find a reason to wear it. At least I have had the chance to try it on after it arrived in the mail. I only had it on for a couple of minutes, though, and I think that is why I want to wear it so badly.



This particular spandex brief design was so comfortable that I did not want to take it off for any reason. But I knew that if I wore it like I wear all the other designs I have, I would end up wearing only this one. Then, I would have a whole drawer of briefs that I never wear and that would make me want to buy more like the one I just bought. You can see why I am having so much trouble with this design. I love the way it fits, but I have to force myself to only wear it for special occasions and they just do not come around all that often for me. One resolution to this dilemma might be to just host a special party of my own. Then I would have my excuse to wear my special brief.