Spandex Brief for Relaxation



If you are looking for something great to wear this summer, then take a look at the new spandex brief designs. These things are absolutely amazing in that they give you the opportunity to wear them anywhere you want to go. Want to go to the beach and have some fun this weekend? Take your briefs with you. Need to hurry to work because you are late for a business meeting that will tie up the next five hours of your life? Wear your briefs and you will be as comfortable as sitting on a lawn chair getting a tan in your back yard.

How do I know things like this, you ask? Because I wear my spandex brief designs every single day and I do not regret a second of it. These things have kept me comfortable in some of the worst possible situations I could ever find myself. In fact, I was once held in a jail in Tijuana for three days over a huge misunderstanding; however, because I had my briefs on, I was able to make it through without a single worry. Okay, that was a lie. Actually, I worried about being stuck in that jail for the rest of my life. But I was not worried about anything else because of how relaxed I was.


I love wearing spandex brief designs and I look forward to the day when every guy I know can understand why I love them firsthand. I think more guys should be willing to give up this false idea that manliness means you have to be uncomfortable and chaffed all the damn time. There are times when it is perfectly fine to feel like a pampered woman even if all your friends are watching you. If you give in to this side of your life, then maybe all of your friends will come along for the ride and join you. Then we could change the world as we know it into something a lot more comfortable to live in.