Spandex Brief for Relaxation

    If you are looking for something great to wear this summer, then take a look at the new spandex brief designs. These things are absolutely amazing in that they give you the opportunity to wear them anywhere you want to go. Want to go to the beach and have some fun this weekend? […]

Being So Wrong about the Spandex Brief

  Wearing a spandex brief design always seemed like a strange thing to me. They already have so many different brief designs on the market so why would spandex make it any better? I could not figure out what kind of a sick individual would want that sort of material against his body in that […]

Loving my Spandex Brief

  I love brief designs and when I found out about the spandex brief designs that guys are buying these days; I knew that I was missing out on something extraordinary. This is something that I had always thought should be made, but never considered that anyone would actually do it. I love spandex and […]