Loving my Spandex Brief


I love wearing a particular spandex brief design as often as I can. It used to bother me that I only had one of them, though, and I could not change it out with another one. That is when I decided to start looking around online to see if there was anything that I might be missing out on. I came to a site that had thousands of different brief designs and fell in love with almost all of them. Now I have more than enough designs to get me through the week and I am still looking for more.

Wearing spandex brief designs is one of those things a lot of guys never really think about. They see the briefs and think they are just underwear of some kind, but they are much more than that. I can wear mine like I would shorts or even swimwear for those sunny days on the beach. I even have a design that I take to the tanning salon that gives me the perfect tan without leaving all those nasty tan lines on me. It’s the versatility of these briefs that keeps me wanting to wear them and I cannot say that about anything else I have worn.


I think my ultimate dream would to be to be able to wear nothing except spandex brief designs all day long. I could just imagine walking into my office building and seeing all those guys wearing their briefs just like me. I think the world would be a rather interesting place if that were to ever happen. Of course something like that probably is not ever going to happen in my lifetime but just imagine the possibilities if it did happen. Oh well, I will keep wearing my briefs like I have been and enjoying my life. I cannot wait for vacation time when I can stroll down to the beach in my briefs and enjoy the sun again. That is an event that I look forward to each and every year.