Loving my Spandex Brief

  I love wearing a particular spandex brief design as often as I can. It used to bother me that I only had one of them, though, and I could not change it out with another one. That is when I decided to start looking around online to see if there was anything that I […]

Making My Life Wonderful with a Spandex Brief

  If you are looking for some great spandex brief designs, then you are in luck. There are hundreds of sites on the internet offering guys the very best designs ever created. I love living in an age like this because I can wear anything I want to wear on the beach, within reason of […]

Questions about a Spandex Brief

  I have never worn anything like spandex brief designs in the past, but I have been hearing a lot about them lately. I have worn regular brief style underwear and things of that nature, but never anything made from spandex. I think wearing anything made from spandex would be a lot of fun but […]