Choose a Spandex Brief a Bit More Modest to Start

  There are a decent amount of spandex brief designs in this world that will show off everything you have to offer without making you look like a slut. Granted there are some guys out there that would love to walk around in public looking like a slut and that is perfectly fine for them. […]

Keeping My Spandex Brief Secret

    I have decided that I will be wearing a spandex brief design from now on into the future. I have been wearing bikini style underwear since I was in high school and they have done very well for me, but seeing what kind of briefs that I have discovered available on the market […]

Spandex Brief Designs and Fitting In

  If you are looking for something new to wear to the beach but you aren’t ready to show off too much skin then spandex brief designs might be what you need. These are still sexy designs like all spandex swimwear you find but they aren’t going to be showing off too much of your […]

Why I Wear Spandex Brief Designs

  Who would have thought that wearing a spandex brief design under your clothing would be so comforting? I have always thought about wearing something other than my underwear that I normally choose but never could find anything that grabbed my attention. At least I couldn’t find anything until I found these amazing briefs online […]

In Love with my Spandex Brief

  I love wearing my spandex brief when I am out in public. People seem to like that I take it out to the beach, too. I think it is because it is different from what everyone else in my area is wearing out to the beach. Most of the people around here are wearing […]

My Favorite Spandex Brief

  I think I might have found the perfect spandex brief design for any occasion. Well, at least any occasion that involves me showing off how sexy my body in anyway. I love the fact that I can wear things like this these days and it does not even bother most people. I remember trying […]

Finding a Double Duty Spandex Brief

  I have been looking for a spandex brief design that I can wear comfortably under my work clothes and yet still take out to the beach for some fun. I work fairly close to the beach and there are times when I would love to just head out there after work. The problem is […]