Wearing My Spandex Brief Under My Pants


Wearing a men’s spandex brief under your pants may seem like a fruitless adventure, but it really isn’t. I have had just as much fun wearing them like this as I have wearing them as the swimwear they are intended to be. The best part is that I can wear these briefs anywhere I want to and whenever I feel like it. I am not limited to wearing them only as swimwear when the weather is nice like so many other guys feel the need to do. I have free reign over what I am wearing and the moments that I get to enjoy them and I am more than happy with that.


Sorry no real models today just me in a tiny spandex brief

New styles 2013 013

I still wear my spandex brief designs out to the beach, though. I love letting people see what I am wearing and how great my body looks in them whenever I can. The amount of attention that I get form wearing them in public is absolutely amazing and nothing brightens my day more than seeing random strangers smiling at me because of them. I have run into a few people that didn’t like them all that much, but they are few and far between these days.

If you are looking to try out something new, then these spandex brief designs are the thing for you. Don’t worry if people don’t like them on you, either. You can always do like I do and wear them under your pants. That way you can be as comfortable as ever and no one will notice a thing, although they might end up noticing your attitude change a bit when they see you constantly smiling. At least you will know why you are in a good mood and you can show this reason to those you feel comfortable with if you really want to. They might actually enjoy seeing them and finding a way of making their lives better with them.


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