The Spandex Brief Ritual


Wearing my men’s spandex brief out on the beach has become a ritual for me lately. I love the way it feels and how it conforms to my body in such a way that people can get a great look at what I am all about. But there is something else about it that makes me want to wear this thing all the time; the looks that I get. Everywhere I go in public while wearing my briefs, people stare and make comments about it. So far everyone seems to really like seeing me wear this thing and, the few that don’t are hesitant to really voice their opinions all that much.

I am sure there are a lot of people that don’t understand why a guy like me would want to wear a spandex brief out in public, but they aren’t asking me about it. In fact, the only people that come up and say anything to me are the ones that want to know where I purchased said brief and how many different styles are available. We usually end up talking for around an hour or so as I give them all of the information that I can possibly think of.


I feel that the more people know about my spandex brief designs the more they will be willing to go out and purchase their own. Most people are too afraid to wear something like this out in public, and it’s all because they fear what they don’t understand. If they have as much information as possible, they can make an educated decision on whether this is something they would be happy wearing. Thankfully, most of the people I have spoken with will end up buying one or two and heading out on the beach, too. I have seen plenty of guys walking around wearing briefs after talking to me about mine and that always makes me feel good.


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