Spandex Brief and Tai Chi to Reduce Stress


Wearing my men’s spandex brief designs to the office has been a great help in my career. I know that there are people that will praise God and their families for all of their success, and, rightly so, I am sure. I, however, will praise the amount of comfort that I get from my briefs instead. Allowing me to control my emotions and think about my actions is a greater aspect of my success than anything anyone else could have done for me. People may be able to help you move up the ladder, but being in charge of your emotions is what helps you take the first step up.

I have found that wearing my spandex brief designs is also a great way of avoiding stress while I am working. I used to get completely stressed out during the day and then come home and worry about things all night long. I wasn’t able to get any sleep and it seemed like I was getting more fatigued as the days dragged on. But that has all changed now that I wear my briefs all the time. I have no stress when I come home anymore and that means I am not worrying about things as much.

When I find that there is a little bit of stress sneaking in, I buy a new spandex brief design and try them out. That usually works well enough for me that I don’t even have to worry about buying something extreme. I can make slight changes in the designs I wear just to mix things up a little bit and I am good to go for a couple more months. I bet you can’t get the same results from doing things like yoga all the time. Although I have tried a little bit of Tai Chi and find it rather exciting while wearing my briefs. It just turns out to be a really dynamite combination.

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