Freedom with a Spandex Brief


I have found that wearing a men’s spandex brief design is one of the best things in the world. I used to hate wearing anything under my clothing but, once I started wearing these brief designs, I noticed that it still felt like I was naked under my clothes. I know that seems like a strange thing to say since you are basically naked under anything you might be wearing. However, any guy that enjoys the freedom of not wearing underwear under his pants will understand what I mean by that. These briefs give you that kind of freedom in spades and, yet, still keeps you secure at all times.

The only bad thing about my spandex brief designs is that I am constantly buying more of them whenever I find them online. I guess you could almost call it an addiction since I find myself being online and instantly pulling out my credit card. I just know that there is going to be a design that I haven’t seen just yet. I have tried to control my urges to buy more briefs but I fail every single time. I can’t help it, but I’m not really hurting anyone anyway so it doesn’t really matter all that much.

You might find that your new spandex brief will feel uncomfortable when you first put it on, but that is because you aren’t used to wearing anything like this. They can be a bit constricting at first although your body will get used to it after a while. Once you are used to it, you won’t want to wear anything else ever again. I know this because I find myself stripping down to my briefs when I am home after work. It’s almost like being completely naked at home except you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed when someone unexpectedly knocks on your door.

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