A Spandex Brief to Be Different


When it came time for me to wear something different, I decided on a men’s spandex brief design because it seemed like the most comfortable one I could find. There were a lot of designs online that were made from spandex, but the brief seemed like the best choice for me. I’m not one to really show off my body like some guys are but I wanted something that was form fitting and comfortable. I briefly thought about wearing a bikini or something, but I just couldn’t see myself showing that much skin out in public.


I am sure the people on the beach would prefer that I didn’t show off that much skin, either, which is why the spandex brief design I picked out works so well. I am able to feel comfortable in my swimwear without having people pointing and cringing with every step I take. Besides, there were some designs that looked like I would have fallen right out of them if I moved the wrong way. No one wants something like that to happen to them if there is a way to keep it from happening. So I chose a brief design, and I am very happy with that design.

Now, I just have to get the courage up to wear my spandex brief out in public to see if the public can handle it or not. If they can handle it, then I am going to buy even more of them so that I am not being seen wearing the same brief every day on the beach. If they can’t handle it, then I might end up having to find another beach to go to or a different design that I could wear. Either way, I am going to stick with these briefs and hope that people don’t start throwing rocks at me. It would be gratifying if they threw me smiles and phone numbers instead.

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