Wearing My Spandex Brief Under My Pants

  Wearing a men’s spandex brief under your pants may seem like a fruitless adventure, but it really isn’t. I have had just as much fun wearing them like this as I have wearing them as the swimwear they are intended to be. The best part is that I can wear these briefs anywhere I want […]

My Spandex Brief Surprise

  A good men’s swimwear brief will fit you like a glove and yet keep people guessing as to the true nature of what is underneath that glove. I love showing off my body whenever I go out to the beach, but I don’t want to show off everything. I want them to keep guessing […]

Freedom with a Spandex Brief

  I have found that wearing a men’s spandex brief design is one of the best things in the world. I used to hate wearing anything under my clothing but, once I started wearing these brief designs, I noticed that it still felt like I was naked under my clothes. I know that seems like a […]

Feeling Sexy at Work in my Spandex Brief

  A good men’s spandex brief design will feel like you are wearing absolutely nothing when you have them on. I have to constantly look down to make sure that I am not walking around naked every time I am wearing mine, which can be quite annoying when I am wearing them under my clothes […]

A Spandex Brief to Be Different

  When it came time for me to wear something different, I decided on a men’s spandex brief design because it seemed like the most comfortable one I could find. There were a lot of designs online that were made from spandex, but the brief seemed like the best choice for me. I’m not one to […]

Launching your Spandex Brief to the Public

  If you have ever thought about wearing a men’s spandex brief out in public, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind. The first and, probably most important, thing is your body hair. A lot of guys in the world don’t consider the backlash of having body hair while […]

Spandex Brief and Tai Chi to Reduce Stress

  Wearing my men’s spandex brief designs to the office has been a great help in my career. I know that there are people that will praise God and their families for all of their success, and, rightly so, I am sure. I, however, will praise the amount of comfort that I get from my briefs […]