men’s spandex brief


The love that I have for my spandex brief designs is beyond measure. I can’t tell you how many times I have slipped into those designs and felt the weight of the world sliding off my shoulders. This is especially true when I wake up in the morning and put them on before going to work. I get to enjoy the entire day without anything stressful beating me down like usual. It is funny how something so simple can make your life better these days. I wonder what we would be wearing if this little secret had been revealed decades ago?

I know that some people might think I am crazy for wearing my designs to work, but I figure if no one can actually see them, then there’s no harm done. After all, it’s not like I am going to be doing a striptease act on my boss’s desk. Although, he might actually enjoy seeing me do something like that if I had lost some kind of bet. On the other hand, if something like that ever happened, I would get those old grandpa undies that ride all the way up to your neck and are baggy no matter what size you buy. I think that would put a stop to the striptease rather quickly.


Since I don’t plan on losing a bet anytime soon, I will continue to wear my spandex brief designs under my work clothes. Being comfortable is one thing, but being so comfortable that you can actually focus on the work that you are supposed to be doing is something completely different. I just wish that I could find a way of making my entire wardrobe out of spandex so that I could be relaxed no matter what might be happening in my life. However, that would probably be a bit weird for all the people that I have to work with so I’ll try to be considerate.

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