Fairness in a Man’s Spandex Brief


I have a new spandex brief design that I want to show off, but I am sure that people around me will dislike it a lot. You see, the design shows off much more than it probably should and people have this thing about seeing the outline of a man’s cock in public. See a woman walking down the beach in a micro suit showing a huge camel toe and she will become an internet sensation. But get one glance at the outline of a man’s cock and he is deemed as perverted to be walking the beach at all.


I find it amazing that men wearing new spandex brief designs have to put up with stuff like this these days. I would think that as long as you aren’t showing the head of your cock or your balls swinging freely in the air, then it shouldn’t matter what a man wears. Women have those bikinis that are basically two Band-Aids tied together with dental floss and a partially folded napkin for a bottom and no one blinks an eye. Usually, this is because all the men are staring at them as they walk by, but no one says anything about it except the fat lady wearing a tent as a bathing suit.

Now if I were to walk down the beach in my spandex brief design, you can bet I would have beach patrol coming up behind me shortly after. They would tell me that I am wearing something inappropriate for public viewing and I need to either go home or change into something more modest. I tell you, it is almost worth the money buying your own private beach somewhere just so you can wear whatever you want to wear. I guess if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t be worried about what type of spandex designs I wore out in public to begin with, though.


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