A Special Spandex Brief Design


I never knew that you could purchase a spandex brief swimsuit until a friend pointed them out to me online. They looked extremely comfortable to me even though my friend was making fun of them. He kept saying that anyone that would wear something like that should be banned from walking around outside. I thought that they looked like almost any other kind of swimwear that I had been seeing at the beach recently, though. In fact, I told him that I might even buy a pair of them just to see what they would be like.

He wasn’t too thrilled about me buying any men’s spandex brief designs so I told him that since I needed a new swimsuit for the beach, I would let him pick it out for me. He spent a few minutes looking around online and found a nice little brief design that he said is something much more manly than that spandex crap. So I purchased that one and, later on that night, I found the exact same design in spandex. Even the color was the same. That is when I went ahead and purchased it as well. I wanted to see if he could tell the difference or not.

The funny thing is that I got the spandex brief design in well before the regular one that he had picked out. I tried it on and it fit perfectly on my body. I then called my friend over to see what his new swimwear design looked like. He was bragging about how much better the design he picked out versus that sissy spandex thing was when I started laughing at him. I held up the packaging that it had come in and showed him where it said that it was a special spandex based design. He just about fell over. That was a month ago and he has purchased four spandex designs for himself since then. I guess sometimes you just have to prove things to people.

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