Spandex Brief Swimwear for Sale Online


I found out that there are these things called spandex brief swimwear that you can purchase online. I never really thought about wearing any kind of swimwear made out of spandex or that they actually made swimwear like that. I always bought my swimwear from the local Dollar Store and, while they aren’t the best designs you can find, they covered me up where I needed it. But these brief designs seem like something that I could really get involved in. After all, just looking at the pictures online made me want to spend all of my money.

Now I am not one of those prudish guys that think men should only wear certain types of swimwear in public. I think wearing a spandex brief design would be pretty cool. I don’t know how good I would look in something like this, but I do know there are plenty of guys on the beach that I go to that would look quite good in one. I don’t know how I could convince them to try one on, but I have thought that if I were to wear one they might get the idea to try it out for themselves.



I think that buying a spandex brief design might be the only way I can get others to see how great they are. I’m pretty sure that most of the people around here don’t spend much time online looking for different styles of swimwear. Maybe if I was the one bringing something like this out to them, then they would realize there is a lot more in this life than just lifting weights and getting a tan. Of course I would end up having to find something really sexy to wear to the beach for the first time so I can’t just settle for the first one I see. I guess I will have to go look and see what all is available now but that is more of a pleasure than a chore.

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