The Need for a Spandex Brief


A good spandex brief is something that every guy needs these days. I feel that if all these overly macho men around the world would put on something of this nature and just looked at themselves in the mirror for a few minutes; they would realize that they have missed a major opportunity to impress people with their bodies. And I don’t mean impress them with the simplicity of their muscled form, either. The true impression of just how sexy they could look if they would only wear something sexy once in a while. But they aren’t going to do something like that anytime soon because they think it undermines their manliness.

I have no issues with wearing a sexy men’s spandex brief design out on the beach. In fact, I think I look a lot better in my brief than any of those macho muscle bound dorks look in anything they happen to wear. Don’t get me wrong, though, I am not some flabby looking guy strolling around in spandex so tight that it is cutting off the blood flow to his brain. I work out just like everyone else on the beach, but I don’t put all my energy into making my muscles so big that I have a hard time wiping my ass.



I think guys should mellow out with all that muscle working crap and just enjoy their life. Take a day off from the weights and slip into a nice spandex brief designs and just relax on the beach for once. See what it is like to get some sun and not have to try and show off the entire time you are out there. It might show you that you have been focusing on the wrong part of your body this whole time. Or don’t pay any attention to me at all and let me enjoy the attention of all the sexy women on the beach that are more impressed with what I have. That is just fine with me.


My Lucky Spandex Brief


I have a spandex brief design that I only wear to business meetings. It seems like every time I wear this one particular brief to these types of meetings they always go my way. I had one business meeting with the possibility of gaining a huge client but I didn’t think they were going to fall for the speech that I had planned. But I was wearing my favorite briefs and they thought my presentation was absolutely amazing. I ended up getting a huge promotion that day and ever since then, I have decided that these are my lucky briefs.

I know it probably has nothing to do with the spandex men’s brief designs that I was wearing that day, but I like to think that the extra comfort and relaxing attitude that they gave me helped a lot. Every meeting that I have had since then while wearing these briefs has turned out for the best as well. The only time one of these meetings didn’t go the right way was the day that I completely forgot about the meeting and didn’t wear them. Ever since then I have kept them in my office desk just in case. That way I can slip into them if I have a surprise meeting coming up.


I do have other spandex brief designs that I like to wear form time to time but none of them that have turned into lucky clothing for me. I kind of wish that the ones I wear to the beach on the weekends would turn out to be lucky for me somehow, but they never seem to do that. Maybe I should wear my office briefs down to the beach just to see what would happen. I have never worn them out in public like that before so it could be rather interesting. It might also bring about something wonderful for me.


Getting the Right Size of Spandex Brief


I have found that it takes a special attitude to wear a spandex brief design out in public. You would think that since it is a brief design, it would be extremely comforting to wear in public, but my experience has been a little off. I will say that the first brief design I picked out was a bit too big so it wasn’t skin tight like it is supposed to be. There is nothing worse than trying to look sexy while walking down the beach in a spandex swimsuit that looks too baggy. So I decided to get one that was smaller to see how that would go.


When picking out a spandex brief that is small, you have to be careful that you don’t end up going too small by accident. Now I am sure that other guys in the world would know what size of brief they wear. On the other hand, some of us, I in particular, don’t buy things like this all the time. So when my smaller brief came in the mail I was overly happy about slipping into it immediately. If only I could have gotten it on all the way I would still probably be overly happy about having the thing.

I look back on my experiences with my first spandex men’s brief designs and laugh about it now. I have figured out the right size and I often make sure that I am buying that size before making my final purchase. It only takes a couple of times buying the wrong size before you learn to be extra careful about what you are clicking on. Now I can walk down the beach in comfort and with my head held high because I know for a fact that I am wearing the correct size. This is the type of attitude I am talking about when I say it takes a special attitude to wear something like this out in public. When you mess up, you just have to take it in stride and have a great laugh about it.

My Suggested Spandex Brief Design Changes


I love my spandex brief designs, but there are a few things that I would like to change about them. The first issue I have is that they need a larger pocket in the front to hold my massive cock. I am one of those guys that have a rather large cock and trying to stuff it into a small brief design doesn’t always work out that well for me. I tend to look like I am smuggling items in my swimwear when I am on the beach and that can cause a bit of embarrassment at times.


If they could manage to make a men’s spandex brief that fit larger guys like me; I think they could really have a winner on their hands. Another thing that would be great is some kind of change pocket or something built into them. I tend to like to go down the board walk a lot in my briefs, and not having anything to hold my money means that I can’t really partake in the restaurants and other things requiring money. I know that isn’t a big thing, but it is something that I wouldn’t mind having the option to buy.

All in all, though, these spandex brief designs are built nicely and offer a lot of options for guys to explore and have fun with. I am not complaining one bit about the designs that are available as I have worn a lot of them over the last couple of years. I just find a few additions are needed to make them absolutely perfect. Other guys would probably feel completely different about my ideas, but I am sure there are a few men around the world who feel the same way that I do about their own briefs. Maybe I can contact a designer personally and see if there is any way that I can get these things put into effect for a little extra money.

Knowing How to Wear a Spandex Brief


A good spandex brief design will give you the comfort of spandex with the sexiness of the latest swimwear. People will notice you as soon as you walk by and they will applaud your choice in swimwear. However, just picking out the right design isn’t going to be enough to get people to accept the fact that you are wearing something different. You have to have the body to go with the briefs that you have chosen to wear. This is probably one of the most important things that are forgotten whenever guys pick out something new to wear to the beach.

I have seen a lot of great looking spandex brief designs being worn by men that probably shouldn’t be wearing them in public. The sad thing is that these guys always think they are the sexiest men on the planet when they are walking by and they aren’t even close. If you are planning on wearing a new brief design, then please take the time to work out a little and get your body into shape first. Once you are at least in decent shape, you can go out and have everyone notice just how sexy you really are.

Don’t let your ego get away from you when you are wearing spandex brief designs. Thinking you look good in them and actually looking good are two different things these days. After all, this isn’t some new design in jeans and it would help if you remember that. You are showing off a lot of your body with these things and people are going to notice all those places that you have let go over the years. Once you realize that you can look better than you already do, then you can worry about what design you are going to wear out in public. It is much easier to think you don’t look good and work to correct any issues you might have than to go out without caring and have people make fun of you.

Enlightening the World on the Spandex Brief


I love wearing a spandex brief out to the beach. It’s not overly erotic or sexy on me, but it gives me something different to wear than the typical swimwear that everyone else is wearing. I also enjoy the fact that there are a lot more guys in the world wearing the same thing so that I actually fit in now. When I first started wearing these briefs, I stood out quite noticeably since no one else in my area was wearing anything even remotely like them. But now, I can’t go out on the beach without seeing ten other guys wearing briefs of their own.

A good spandex brief design is all I really need in order to be happy these days. I know it seems a bit strange to hear a guy say something like that, but it is absolutely true. I have worn numerous types of swimwear in my life, but none of them fit me like these briefs tend to. Because of the way they fit and the fact that they aren’t really showing off any more skin than normal swimwear, I have taken it upon myself to make the world open their eyes about them.


I want more people wearing spandex brief designs out in public so that guys like me can feel comfortable with choosing something different. There are still a lot of men that want to try something different in swimwear, but they are afraid of what others might say about it. I personally would tell them to go for it, but public perception is an integral part of society these days. As long as you are happy with the way you look and feel wearing something like this; that should be the only thing to worry about. Soon it won’t matter all that much because everyone will be wearing spandex based swimwear and then, you can choose the designs that you really like.


Things to Know about a Spandex Brief


When it comes to wearing a men’s spandex brief design for the first time, there are a few things that you might want to consider. Buying a brief design is fairly simple and can be done rather quickly. Including the shipping time, I had my first briefs in my hands within a couple of days of placing my order. However, I had never worn spandex before and putting them on for the first time and heading out the door proved cumbersome for me. Not because they were too big or anything, but because I wasn’t used to how tight they would fit. I spent most of the first day trying to pull those briefs out of certain body cavities.

You will find that the sheer amount of spandex brief designs available will make you second guess buying any at all. I looked for a few days before I finally just made a decision to buy the next one that I saw. I didn’t, though, as it had no crotch and a strange metal ring built into it. I later found out that it was a cock ring, which made me very glad that I decided to go with the next one that I saw which was perfectly normal in my opinion.


Shaving is something that you are going to have to get used to with spandex brief designs. I don’t mean just shaving a little past where the brief is, either. If you have wild and unmanageable pubic hair, you are going to have to take care of it all. I found that out when I looked down and thought that I had dog hair all over my crotch. Pulling at it revealed, quite painfully, that it was attached to my body and had found its way through the spandex material. If you plan on wearing your briefs for any length of time, something like this will happen to you, so be warned.

Wearing My Spandex Brief Under My Pants


Wearing a men’s spandex brief under your pants may seem like a fruitless adventure, but it really isn’t. I have had just as much fun wearing them like this as I have wearing them as the swimwear they are intended to be. The best part is that I can wear these briefs anywhere I want to and whenever I feel like it. I am not limited to wearing them only as swimwear when the weather is nice like so many other guys feel the need to do. I have free reign over what I am wearing and the moments that I get to enjoy them and I am more than happy with that.


Sorry no real models today just me in a tiny spandex brief

New styles 2013 013

I still wear my spandex brief designs out to the beach, though. I love letting people see what I am wearing and how great my body looks in them whenever I can. The amount of attention that I get form wearing them in public is absolutely amazing and nothing brightens my day more than seeing random strangers smiling at me because of them. I have run into a few people that didn’t like them all that much, but they are few and far between these days.

If you are looking to try out something new, then these spandex brief designs are the thing for you. Don’t worry if people don’t like them on you, either. You can always do like I do and wear them under your pants. That way you can be as comfortable as ever and no one will notice a thing, although they might end up noticing your attitude change a bit when they see you constantly smiling. At least you will know why you are in a good mood and you can show this reason to those you feel comfortable with if you really want to. They might actually enjoy seeing them and finding a way of making their lives better with them.


My Spandex Brief Surprise


A good men’s swimwear brief will fit you like a glove and yet keep people guessing as to the true nature of what is underneath that glove. I love showing off my body whenever I go out to the beach, but I don’t want to show off everything. I want them to keep guessing as to just how big my cock really is. If they can tell at a distance how big I am, then it gives them no reason to come any closer or talk to me. I just can’t have that since I am all about the seduction and fun afterwards.

I like the spandex brief designs that fit perfectly but still have enough room in the front to make it appear that I have a smaller cock than I actually do. That way when I get someone to come home with me, they are completely surprised at what I end up revealing to them. They always think that I am of average size in that particular area but, after slipping out of my briefs, they notice that there is nothing average about the size of my cock. That is a surprise that is worth witnessing any chance you get and what I work to achieve every day.

I think I spend more time trolling the beaches in my spandex brief designs than I do at work. Of course I work from home and live on the beach so it’s not like I am going to get in trouble with the boss or anything. I might be one of the few people in the world that can actually get away with wearing their briefs to work all day long without getting a sexual harassment suit out of it. It’s not like I am going to sue myself after all. I truly do believe that I am living the dream life right now and I am enjoying every single minute of it. My briefs just add a cherry on top of the icing.

The Spandex Brief Ritual


Wearing my men’s spandex brief out on the beach has become a ritual for me lately. I love the way it feels and how it conforms to my body in such a way that people can get a great look at what I am all about. But there is something else about it that makes me want to wear this thing all the time; the looks that I get. Everywhere I go in public while wearing my briefs, people stare and make comments about it. So far everyone seems to really like seeing me wear this thing and, the few that don’t are hesitant to really voice their opinions all that much.

I am sure there are a lot of people that don’t understand why a guy like me would want to wear a spandex brief out in public, but they aren’t asking me about it. In fact, the only people that come up and say anything to me are the ones that want to know where I purchased said brief and how many different styles are available. We usually end up talking for around an hour or so as I give them all of the information that I can possibly think of.


I feel that the more people know about my spandex brief designs the more they will be willing to go out and purchase their own. Most people are too afraid to wear something like this out in public, and it’s all because they fear what they don’t understand. If they have as much information as possible, they can make an educated decision on whether this is something they would be happy wearing. Thankfully, most of the people I have spoken with will end up buying one or two and heading out on the beach, too. I have seen plenty of guys walking around wearing briefs after talking to me about mine and that always makes me feel good.