Giving Spandex Brief a Chance


I love wearing my spandex brief any chance I get, which is usually every single day. I love walking around town showing off my designs to anyone who will look in my direction and even when it is cold outside, I can still wear them under my pants. This is such a versatile clothing option that I have actually thought about giving up all of my underwear and swimwear and only wearing these for the rest of my life. I do not understand why I had not found out about these things earlier in my life but I am glad that I did finally discover them.

If you have not put a spandex brief on your body yet, then you need to get out there and buy one. These things are absolutely amazing and something that I highly recommend every guy to try out at least once. You might feel a bit odd in them when you first put them on, but you will soon learn that there is nothing else like them on the planet. Do not let that snug feeling stop you from wearing them, either. I have a friend who could not handle that sensation of being constricted and he stopped wearing them and was not able to get to the moment of realization that these things should be the only option for guys to wear.


Once you break that wall and realize that a good spandex brief is all you need to be truly comfortable and happy in your social life, you will be amazed at how much less stress you have to deal with. I know it sounds funny but that is exactly what I have come to find in my life and I tried telling my friend that, but he would not listen. Unlike him, I like the tight feeling of wearing these briefs and I will continue wearing them for as long as I can pull them up my legs.

Special Occasion Spandex Brief


I have a new spandex brief that I want to wear but I need to wait for the right moment. The design I bought was fairly special so I cannot just wear it at any time and feel happy about it. I need something like a wedding or special ceremony to wear a design this special. Unfortunately, I do not have anything like that coming up in my life any time soon. I have even thought about looking around online to see if there were any special events happening around town that I could wear it to. But I think that might be going a little bit too far.

I have other spandex brief designs that I wear all the time so having something special like this is important to me. I want something that I only wear on occasions that would require me to dress up since my other designs are pretty basic. Too bad I do not have much of a social life, though, because if I did; I am sure I could find a reason to wear it. At least I have had the chance to try it on after it arrived in the mail. I only had it on for a couple of minutes, though, and I think that is why I want to wear it so badly.



This particular spandex brief design was so comfortable that I did not want to take it off for any reason. But I knew that if I wore it like I wear all the other designs I have, I would end up wearing only this one. Then, I would have a whole drawer of briefs that I never wear and that would make me want to buy more like the one I just bought. You can see why I am having so much trouble with this design. I love the way it fits, but I have to force myself to only wear it for special occasions and they just do not come around all that often for me. One resolution to this dilemma might be to just host a special party of my own. Then I would have my excuse to wear my special brief.

Spandex Brief and Happiness


I have noticed a few guys wearing those spandex brief designs down at the park lately and it made me curious as to what other styles might be available. So I started looking around online to see what there was available on the market and was incredibly shocked at what I discovered. There are so many different designs available for these types of briefs that I honestly did not know if I was going to have enough time to look through them all. In fact, I did not even try to look through all of them because I wanted to see what kind of surprises I might come across.

As I looked through those spandex brief designs, I started to find myself wanting to wear some of them. Now there were a few that I knew I would not find all that comfortable as they tended to show off a bit more of my body than I would want to. But there were quite a few of them that I thought I might actually look good wearing. I never would have thought about wearing something like this in the past but, after looking at them; I realized that I was in need of a change in my life to spice things up a bit.

If I could not find some spandex brief designs that would spice my life up, then I was probably looking in the wrong place. Needless to say, I ended up buying about four different designs from the same website and was amazed when I tried them on. They fit absolutely perfectly and I started to feel better about myself almost immediately. I am not saying that every guy that tries something like this on will have the same reaction, but I do think it is worth giving a try. You never know what might bring a little more happiness into your life so you have to keep your eyes open. Thankfully, I had mine open when I started seeing those guys wearing their briefs in the park and now I am just as happy as they are.


Spandex Brief for Relaxation



If you are looking for something great to wear this summer, then take a look at the new spandex brief designs. These things are absolutely amazing in that they give you the opportunity to wear them anywhere you want to go. Want to go to the beach and have some fun this weekend? Take your briefs with you. Need to hurry to work because you are late for a business meeting that will tie up the next five hours of your life? Wear your briefs and you will be as comfortable as sitting on a lawn chair getting a tan in your back yard.

How do I know things like this, you ask? Because I wear my spandex brief designs every single day and I do not regret a second of it. These things have kept me comfortable in some of the worst possible situations I could ever find myself. In fact, I was once held in a jail in Tijuana for three days over a huge misunderstanding; however, because I had my briefs on, I was able to make it through without a single worry. Okay, that was a lie. Actually, I worried about being stuck in that jail for the rest of my life. But I was not worried about anything else because of how relaxed I was.


I love wearing spandex brief designs and I look forward to the day when every guy I know can understand why I love them firsthand. I think more guys should be willing to give up this false idea that manliness means you have to be uncomfortable and chaffed all the damn time. There are times when it is perfectly fine to feel like a pampered woman even if all your friends are watching you. If you give in to this side of your life, then maybe all of your friends will come along for the ride and join you. Then we could change the world as we know it into something a lot more comfortable to live in.

Being So Wrong about the Spandex Brief


Wearing a spandex brief design always seemed like a strange thing to me. They already have so many different brief designs on the market so why would spandex make it any better? I could not figure out what kind of a sick individual would want that sort of material against his body in that manner. I knew that there were a lot of different sex fetishes around that used spandex and I could understand that. But wearing it casually and all the time just to wear it seemed a little sick excessive to me.

Of course that was before I realized that the spandex brief designs and the latex brief designs were two completely different materials. As you might imagine, I felt like a complete fool. I can only imagine what my friend was thinking about me when he first brought up wearing these spandex designs with that little gleam in his eyes. After berating anyone that would actually wear something like that, he decided that we did not need to hang out anymore, which is sad. It was not until a couple years later that I made the connection between spandex and latex and, by that time, we had lost all contact with each other.

I figured that I could make up for my insanity and actually pick out a couple of these spandex brief designs to see what they were like. Obviously, my friend thought they were amazing or he would not have brought them up in conversation all those years ago. I have to admit that after finally going through with it I fell in love with them. I have quite a few brief designs to choose from now and I am constantly looking for more of them. I just wish I could find my old friend and apologize for the way I reacted to something that is so amazing to me now. Hopefully, we will run into each other again before we are too old and I can show him the wonderful briefs that I will be wearing that day. Then he will know that I regret our disagreement because he was right the whole time.


Loving my Spandex Brief


I love brief designs and when I found out about the spandex brief designs that guys are buying these days; I knew that I was missing out on something extraordinary. This is something that I had always thought should be made, but never considered that anyone would actually do it. I love spandex and I love to wear brief designs, but since I am not a designer; I figured that I would never get the chance to wear them together; until now that is. I have finally found a site that sells these wonderful garments and I am doing everything in my power to not buy every design that I come across.


I am not very mindful of money when it comes to things that I like, so I know that buying spandex brief designs is going to cause me some problems financially speaking. The good news is that these designs are pretty reasonable therefore I do not have to worry about dropping a lot of money on something that I might regret later. Although how I could ever regret buying something like this in the first place is beyond me. I do not think something like that would ever be possible when you consider how much I love any kind of brief designs.

I gave up wearing underwear altogether until I found out about the brief design, and now I can have spandex with that design. It seems like I am in a dream and if that is what is happening to me right now; then I do not ever want to wake up again. I will be more than happy to just sit back and continue the dream for as long as possible if I get to wear spandex like this. I know it sounds weird, but this is probably the best thing to happen to my life in a very long time. Whoever invented the material of spandex is a true genius and the person who paired it with briefs was another genius.

Loving my Spandex Brief


I love wearing a particular spandex brief design as often as I can. It used to bother me that I only had one of them, though, and I could not change it out with another one. That is when I decided to start looking around online to see if there was anything that I might be missing out on. I came to a site that had thousands of different brief designs and fell in love with almost all of them. Now I have more than enough designs to get me through the week and I am still looking for more.

Wearing spandex brief designs is one of those things a lot of guys never really think about. They see the briefs and think they are just underwear of some kind, but they are much more than that. I can wear mine like I would shorts or even swimwear for those sunny days on the beach. I even have a design that I take to the tanning salon that gives me the perfect tan without leaving all those nasty tan lines on me. It’s the versatility of these briefs that keeps me wanting to wear them and I cannot say that about anything else I have worn.


I think my ultimate dream would to be to be able to wear nothing except spandex brief designs all day long. I could just imagine walking into my office building and seeing all those guys wearing their briefs just like me. I think the world would be a rather interesting place if that were to ever happen. Of course something like that probably is not ever going to happen in my lifetime but just imagine the possibilities if it did happen. Oh well, I will keep wearing my briefs like I have been and enjoying my life. I cannot wait for vacation time when I can stroll down to the beach in my briefs and enjoy the sun again. That is an event that I look forward to each and every year.

Making My Life Wonderful with a Spandex Brief


If you are looking for some great spandex brief designs, then you are in luck. There are hundreds of sites on the internet offering guys the very best designs ever created. I love living in an age like this because I can wear anything I want to wear on the beach, within reason of course, and most people will think I look sexy for doing so. I guess it is a good thing that I have a body that will look good while wearing swimwear of this nature. I feel sorry for those guys that cannot get their bodies into shape like I can because people laugh at them for wearing the things I wear every day.

You do have to be in pretty good shape to wear spandex brief designs in my opinion. Not that you cannot wear them if you are not in good shape. I have seen plenty of guys that probably should not be wearing things like this out in public, enjoying themselves in their spandex. But this type of material shows off quite a bit of your body because of how it fits. That is the reason that not being in shape makes you look a bit sloppy in spandex. Again, I am not saying you cannot wear it if you want. I just mean that you might want to get some extra exercise at some point.

Male to female transformation design by koalaswim
Male to female transformation design by koalaswim

Wearing spandex brief designs is the one thing in my life that I actually look forward to doing every day. Since I live on the beach practically, I can wear my spandex any time I want to and I do. In fact, I have more of these types of briefs than I have pants and shirts in my closet. I spend a lot of time out on the beach and I have no reason to wear pants all that much. I own my own business and work from home so I get to wear whatever I want to even while I am working. Life really is going very well for me right now and I have to owe some of that to briefs made of spandex.

Questions about a Spandex Brief


I have never worn anything like spandex brief designs in the past, but I have been hearing a lot about them lately. I have worn regular brief style underwear and things of that nature, but never anything made from spandex. I think wearing anything made from spandex would be a lot of fun but there are a few questions that I have to ask before I get too involved in something like this. The first question I would ask would have to do with the sizing of the spandex material itself. Does it really matter what size I get as long as it is fairly close to what I actually wear or do I have to know all the measurements and things like that for my body in detail?

I know that I probably should not buy extra-large spandex briefs designs as they would most likely be rather baggy on me but isn’t most spandex a kind of one size fits all aspect? Now the second question will probably show how new I am to something like this. I have read some things online talking about sexy designs and I’m not really sure what that means. I have a basic understanding that it has to do with more of a sexual nature but that is as far as I can get. I have thought about looking online but I’m a bit uncomfortable of what I might find.


The last question I have about spandex brief designs has to do with how they feel. I haven’t worn spandex before but I imagine it to be the same thing that a diver’s suit is made from. That seems to be a little thick to me and I would think that wearing underwear made from something like that wouldn’t be all that comfortable most of the time. On the other hand, I am probably wrong on that but that is the only type of spandex material I have ever seen up close and personal. I know that looking online would help out a lot but I don’t want to ruin the interest I have with this by finding one of those sites that I am not ready for just yet. It has been recommended to me that I should start out in small forums and communities online and get some answers there. I believe that makes sense so I will try that first.


The Most Common Sexy Spandex Brief


The spandex brief has most likely been around for many years without anyone thinking that much about it. This is a garment that has just sort of been taken for granted because of the simple and basic design. Of course, the brief did not start out with being made from spandex. It was constructed from cotton much like the majority of men’s underwear was at the time. Over time, however, spandex was introduced to the general public and it was not long before the many benefits of this remarkable material were discovered. While it would take a bit of time before spandex was used to create briefs, this material was soon appreciated for all of its amazing qualities.

To begin with, the spandex brief was not the first garment to be launched on the market. It turned out that spandex made the ideal workout clothes because of the way the material molds itself to the body as well as the breathability quality that it has. Most likely, the bicycle shorts were the first garments made from spandex that really got noticed. Cyclists need clothing that is comfortable because they are pedaling and using those leg muscles. Constricting shorts would not work for this type of activity particularly for those men who are competing in various cycle events. Spandex shorts are the epitome of comfort for these guys.

Once it became clear that workout clothes were perfect when made with spandex, the next thing that happened was the spandex swimsuit and the spandex brief. There really was not that much of a difference in the brief and swimsuit created from spandex at first. A brief is a garment that looks a lot like a swimsuit and there are brief styles of swimsuits on the market. At any rate, when men started wearing briefs that were created from spandex, a huge number of them would never wear anything else beneath their business suits and jeans. They were just as happy to wear only swimsuits made from spandex, too. When you want to be sexy and comfortable at the same time, give these briefs a try. You will be amazed at the way they make you feel.