Choosing a Spandex Brief


Some men will wear nothing except boxers for underwear or as swimwear. Those men do not ever shop for a spandex brief and would never consider wearing one in place of their beloved boxers. While boxers might be sexy under certain circumstances such as silk ones that look really hot, they are not always the only choice that a man has available to him. Briefs can be quite sexy in their own right because of the way that they fit and mold themselves to a man’s body. Now, throw in the fact that many of these briefs are made from spandex and you have a totally new level of sexiness. All that you need to prove this is to place these various undergarments or swimsuits side by side and you will see that the briefs made from spandex are easily the sexiest choice.


A spandex brief may not have been on the radar for most men until recent years but now that they have appeared on the horizon; men have begun to flock to the websites that offer them for sale. These websites that cater to mens specialty items tend to be the best place to find a great selection of high quality items such as briefs. You may even find websites that sell only spandex items. Websites such as these will carry a large variety of spandex garments and briefs will be among them. Shopping for them on these websites might make it easier to find the briefs that are just right for you personally.

Few items fit as well as a spandex brief as men who prefer to wear them will testify. The spandex always makes for a comfortable and ideal fit because of the way it molds to the body, and this includes bodies of any shape and size. This very versatile material has a special quality of breathing with a person’s skin. That goes a long way to making it feel as if you are not wearing anything at all, which makes it quite popular with men who love going nude but need to wear clothes on occasion. Nothing works better than briefs made of spandex.

Selecting a Spandex Brief


Now that the holidays are just around the corner, people with special men in their lives will begin shopping around for a spandex brief in their search for the perfect holiday gift to put under the tree. What man would not love getting a brief like this on Christmas morning? All you have to do is know your man’s correct size and what his favorite color is and you have all you need to find the best briefs for him. If he also likes a particular design on his briefs, you can certainly include that as well in your search. Nothing could be easier than locating a gift of this kind because there are so many places you can look. Vendors and shop owners alike will want to do everything they can to insure that holiday shoppers have an easy time of it.


Why not start with online shopping for that perfect spandex brief gift? That is certainly one of the most stress-free options for many reasons. One, of course, is the fact that you can simply sit down in the privacy of your own home and shop from online at your leisure. There are no helpful sales associates following you around a store as you try to figure out which of the briefs will be just perfect for your man. That means a lot in the grand scheme of things because you will not feel pressured into buying something that is not exactly right and is most likely overpriced. Sales associates can be great sometimes but when you already know what you are looking for, you don’t need someone steering you in another direction which is probably going to be the wrong one.

When it comes to shopping for that ideal spandex brief, something else that you need to keep in mind is the fact that spandex is going to be more easily found on the internet than in physical shops. That may not be true in all cases, but in most of them, it is. Online websites that cater to mens wear are typically going to offer more of a selection in both garments and fabrics. These website owners understand that spandex is a very popular material among certain groups of men. That is why they make the effort to stock plenty of spandex items. Now it is time to get out your list and start looking for that perfect spandex gift. You will be loved for it!

The Spandex Brief Experiment


I started wearing a spandex brief design simply because I did not have anything else to wear while washing all my other clothes. I came across them online and figured that it would be good to have something like this sitting around just in case I need something. You know, as sort of a backup plan. The only issue I have with them is the fact that now that I have put them on, I don’t want to take them off anymore. They are so comfortable that I simply cannot bring myself to let them go. I have been wearing them every day since I bought them and I think it may be about time to look not buying a couple more pairs.

The funny thing about wearing these spandex brief designs is that they are so comfortable that I keep forgetting that I even have them on my body. I can go all day long without thinking about them and then be surprised when I see that I am still wearing them later that night. I know it is strange to think that someone could forget about what they are wearing, but I find myself doing just that almost every day. Of course forgetting about them is not all that big of a deal really since I enjoy them so much.


I think everyone reading this should buy some spandex brief designs just so that they can see what I live with on a regular basis. I know that people would enjoy wearing them just as much as I do even if they only wear them for a few hours the first time. These briefs are something that could literally change the world because I am happier in them than anything else I own. Just imagine what a world full of extremely happy people would be like and you could see how a change like that could make things better for everyone.


Strange Experiences in my Spandex Brief


I have a men’s spandex brief design that I love wearing but every time I put it on, something strange happens. I would say that the things are cursed or something but the strange things that happen are not always bad. Sometimes the things that happen are actually good, but the way they happen are just plain strange. I guess it’s a bit difficult to understand unless I give you some kind of example of what I am talking about. I will do my best to explain this, but bear with me as it is almost harder to put these things down in words than it is to explain it in person to someone.

The first time I ever wore this particular spandex brief design I ended up getting pulled over by the police on my way to a friend’s party. We were having an erotic dress party and I was speeding because I was a bit late. The office walked up to my window and proceeded with the usual requests. I noticed that the officer, a woman I might add, was staring at my briefs with a slight air of amusement on her face. I ended up convincing her to show up at that party after her shift, and she did.

enforcer 1-l

Another time I was in an elevator with my spandex brief design on and it got stuck. I was with three other people and we ended up spending almost two hours in that thing. There came a point when the air conditioning went out and it was so hot that I stripped off my pants to cool down a bit. The woman in the elevator became appalled that I would wear something like that while the guy that was in there with us loved them. Then he stripped down to show me the spandex designs he was wearing. Things like this always seem to happen and I have been wearing them almost every day for the last six months because of that. Who knows what might happen next?

Loving My Spandex Brief


I have been wearing a spandex brief design for a couple of years now and absolutely love them. They fit so comfortably that I forget I am even wearing them half the time. The best thing about it is that I can actually change my pants in front of other people without being embarrassed that they will see my underwear. I can even use them as swimwear if I need to so I can go to all those last minute pool parties I never actually get invited to. The thing is that if I did get invited to them, I wouldn’t have to worry about running all the way home to change into something else.


I like the fact that my spandex brief designs are multi-purpose and comfortable, but the thing I like the most about them is the material they are made out of. I was never a big fan of spandex in the past, but these briefs have definitely changed my mind. I actually think I have developed some kind of a fetish about spandex since I have been wearing these things. I don’t mind, though, even if there are some people in the world that think having a fetish means I am a freak.

The only thing in life I enjoy more than wearing my spandex brief designs is buying new designs online. I love spending hours at night going from one website to another looking for the perfect design to wear. I don’t really have much of a social life these days, but I still have my spandex and that is perfectly fine with me. Although I do wonder if I showed off my briefs to other people; do you think I might get invited to some of those pool parties that I have heard about online? If I could get invited, then I might be convinced to give it a shot.

Spandex Brief Insanity


There are times when I am wearing one of my spandex brief designs that I want to rip my pants off and show the world what I have to offer. Unfortunately, those times are always at a moment when I am in a place that I should never rip my pants off or remove them in any other manner. Could you just imagine sitting in church or on a bus and having some guy jump up and start screaming about looking at his spandex while he is ripping his pants off and waving them over his head? Yeah, that guy would be me having my typical mental breakdown for the day if I didn’t control that urge.

Fortunately, I am capable of keeping my spandex brief designs hidden away from view when I am in places like that. On the other hand, when I am out on the beach, I get to show everyone what I am wearing. That is probably why I spend so much time on the beach these days. I really don’t understand why someone would want to buy and wear something like this without wanting to show them off at every opportunity. Talking to guys like that actually gives me a headache because all I want to do is show them off to the world.



The real funny thing about wearing spandex brief designs is that I know how they feel so well I can usually pick strangers out of a crowd and tell you what they are wearing under their pants. My friends all think that I am crazy and that there is no way of telling if I am right. At least there wasn’t until I started asking guys if they were wearing spandex or not under their clothes. Once my friends realized that I was able to pick these guys out; they started testing me all the time. It has turned into a rather fun game for us as you can guess. I really like playing it.

Loving Your Spandex Brief


If you want to explore your wild side without letting people know about it, then look at some of the men’s spandex brief designs you can buy these days. Most people wouldn’t even know that these briefs are made from spandex so you could wear them just about anywhere without getting stared at oddly. In fact, everywhere I have worn my briefs people just looked at me like I was wearing some kind of regular shorts for the day. I even took them to work on one casual Friday and no one said anything about them. Even my boss thought they looked comfortable, which they really  are.

No models today just me in a sexy spandex brief!


If you haven’t worn spandex brief designs in the past, then you might not think they are all that comfortable at first. I have been wearing spandex since I was young so I was used to the way they fit, but I can remember the first time I ever tried on spandex shorts and that wasn’t a comfortable thing to go through. They seemed so tight that I almost gave up entirely on ever wearing them again, but I am very glad that I stuck with it. If I had given up on spandex at that time, I wouldn’t be wearing these really sexy briefs that I have on right now.

I think you should go online and buy some spandex brief design right now even if you aren’t sure whether or not you have anywhere to wear them. Wear them around the house after work or even sleep in them if you want. They are that comfortable. I have a friend who loves wearing them to the park so that he can sit in the grass and read a book. That is the only time he wears them, which I find odd, but at least he is wearing them. As long as you are enjoying your briefs the way you want to enjoy them; that is all that matters.

My Special Occasion Spandex Brief


I have a special spandex brief that I like to wear whenever I go out to the clubs on the weekends. I have numerous other briefs that I wear the rest of the time, but this one is specifically worn to the clubs and that is all. The main reason for this is that every time I wear it, and I mean every time; I end up having a one night stand with some one that has a spandex fetish. I know it sounds like fiction, but it is the truth. I always end up going home with someone that has a fetish for spandex and they just love my briefs.

I never really thought about having a men’s spandex fetish when I purchased this spandex brief design. At least I never did until the first night I wore it to the club and hooked up with someone. I think that night was a total coincidence, but I have gotten used to spotting the spandex fetish crowd fairly easily now. That first night was absolutely amazing and just as big of a surprise for me as it was for the person I was with when they found out about my briefs.


While I do have other spandex brief designs that I wear, I will always find my clubbing briefs as my favorite. It isn’t just because every time I wear them I end up having sex, either. But they are the most comfortable designs that I have right now. I might find another design that is more comfortable than these but I don’t know if I could replace them as my clubbing briefs. I guess I could try wearing a different pair to the club and see if I still get the same attention. If that is the case, then it isn’t so much the briefs as it is the confidence I get from wearing them all the time.

Spandex Brief Attachment


I have a thing for men’s spandex brief designs that I can’t really put into words. I feel so much more alive when I am wearing them and I’m not sure that is always a good thing. When I am not wearing my briefs the day just kind of goes on around me. It’s like I am there but I am watching everything happening around me and I’m not really a part of it. On the other hand, when I am wearing one of my briefs; I am right there in the middle of everything and I feel the essence of life all around me.

I know it is strange to think that wearing a spandex brief design is the only thing that makes me feel alive but it truly is. I have worn other types of briefs in the past but none of them gave me the happiness that my spandex has given me. I have finally come to the conclusion that the only thing I am supposed to wear is spandex. Now all I have to do is find a way of living my life while wearing nothing except spandex. It’s not going to be easy to say the least, but I am bound and determined to do just that.

The first thing I will have to do is find a job where I can wear nothing except my spandex brief designs. That will probably mean I have to start working from home as I don’t think any job out there exists like that. I don’t know if I could work from home, though, as I love being around people. But if it means that I can wear my briefs all the time without having to cover them up, then I guess that is what I will have to do. Maybe I can find something else later on and live my life out happily ever after.

The Great Spandex Brief

I love the idea of wearing a spandex brief design to the beach. Although, I’m not too sure about the constricting properties that spandex has. I like loose fitting clothing, personally, and I’m not sure if I could wear something that is so tight. I do love wearing briefs for underwear, though, so if I can put my mind into that mode of thinking I would probably do pretty well with them. Although I don’t go around wearing nothing except my underwear in front of people so I might not be able to feel comfortable like that.

I have seen a few guys on the beach wearing spandex brief designs and they do look really good on them. I can see why so many guys think this is the best design in swimwear to ever hit the market. They show off parts of the body perfectly and still manage to be acceptable to the strangers around them. I would probably feel comfortable wearing shorts that were designed like this as long as they didn’t feel all that tight to me. There is just something about the spandex that has kept me from really getting out there and trying them out.
Maybe I will go ahead and purchase one spandex brief design and wear it around the house to see what it is like. I am sure that if I am by myself and can wear it enough to get used to the way it fits, then I wouldn’t have such an issue with taking them out to the beach. Of course that would be the moment in time when my family or friends would show up at my door and freak out because of what I was wearing. I guess I have to try somewhere and that happening would be rather comical sometime in the near future for me.