Spandex Brief Designs Are Freakishly Great


I love wearing my spandex brief designs every day. In fact, I gave up wearing underwear altogether once I found out about these amazing items. I never really thought I would fall in love with wearing anything made from spandex, but these briefs sure changed my mind. I have been wearing them for a few years now and have not regretted giving up my other underwear yet. Actually I don’t think I have even thought about regular underwear since the first time I put my spandex on, which is quite amazing really.

Wearing these spandex brief designs was the first time in my life of ever wearing spandex of any kind. At least none that I was aware of. I was not exactly sure what I was expecting to happen when I first slid into them although I did hear a lot of guys talking about how constricting they would be at first. I felt a little constricted, but it was not quite as bad as some of the things I had read online. It actually felt rather nice and comfortable to me now that I think about it. Almost like a wrapping up in a warm blanket on a cold night or something. It molded right to my body and made me feel as if I was wearing nothing at all after a while.

Since I started wearing these spandex brief designs, I have noticed things affecting me differently in my life. In the past, something would have made me angry or upset in some way. It now tends to make me a smile and simply move on. Things that used to make me happy now have an even greater effect on my emotional awareness, too. I truly think that spandex is the reason that I am feeling these things when I do and, because of that; I will do everything in my power to make sure that I have something made from this material on my body at all times. That may make me sound like a freak to some people, but I don’t care as I am happy with my freakishness. It is much more unique and entertaining to be a bit of a freak. At least in my opinion.

Choose a Spandex Brief a Bit More Modest to Start


There are a decent amount of spandex brief designs in this world that will show off everything you have to offer without making you look like a slut. Granted there are some guys out there that would love to walk around in public looking like a slut and that is perfectly fine for them. I on the other hand like to be a bit classier than that. I want people to be intrigued with what they see and imagine what I might not be showing them. I like making people wonder what kind of trouble they could get into with me instead of showing them exactly what kind of trouble I am packing after all.

Now when you first start wearing spandex brief designs you will probably want to pick out something that covers your body fairly well. I’m not saying you can’t go for the sexier versions if you want to but if you haven’t worn anything like this before then it is best to go with the basics first. It won’t take you very long before you are comfortable in your briefs and can move on to those sexier versions either. In fact I was buying sexier versions of my briefs within a couple of weeks after getting my first pair.

You will find that there are a decent amount of people wearing spandex brief designs as well. I have noticed a growing interest in these designs since I have started wearing them to my local beach. The first couple of months I didn’t see anyone wearing them and now I can’t go to the beach without watching five or six guys walking by in them. I was a bit jealous when I first started noticing these guys but now I am more than happy to watch them walking by, enjoying their day. It kind of reminds me of when I first started wearing my briefs and all the fun I had in those early days.

Keeping My Spandex Brief Secret



I have decided that I will be wearing a spandex brief design from now on into the future. I have been wearing bikini style underwear since I was in high school and they have done very well for me, but seeing what kind of briefs that I have discovered available on the market have changed my mind about them. I have loved wearing my bikini underwear, but there is something much sexier about the spandex designs that I have been looking at online. I think these could put me in a new direction in my life and I am very excited about getting started down that path.

I don’t know if I will be able to keep my spandex brief designs hidden for very long, though. It is just that I love showing off my bikini underwear any time I can and I think that I will probably be doing the exact same thing with these briefs. I am sure that people will be quite happy that I am wearing something that covers up a bit more of my body so they should not mind me showing them anyway. I have some friends that try to turn and walk away every time I mention that I have bought something new to wear, even when it is just a t-shirt or something.

I think wearing spandex brief designs will really give me a chance to relax a bit and start to settle down in life. Wearing my bikini underwear has given me a reason to go out all the time and try to have as much fun as possible although now I think I it might be time to mellow out just a bit. If I am wearing something else under my clothes, then there is a good chance that the comfort I feel from my briefs will slip into my general day to day life. Plus, I like the fact that I can take my pants off and go swimming without having to worry about buying new swimwear. There are just so many advantages to these briefs that I know I will always have a full wardrobe of them on hand for any and all occasions.

Spandex Brief Designs and Fitting In


If you are looking for something new to wear to the beach but you aren’t ready to show off too much skin then spandex brief designs might be what you need. These are still sexy designs like all spandex swimwear you find but they aren’t going to be showing off too much of your body. At least they won’t be showing off too much skin, there is still the fact that spandex fits tightly on the body so any bulges you have will be on display. But you don’t have to be worried about being kicked off the beach because you are showing too much and people find it uncomfortable.

I love my spandex brief designs because I can wear them just about anywhere I want to go. I can even take them into stores as long as I am treating them like they are normal shorts that anyone would wear. I get a couple of looks now and then that are unpleasant but that will happen with anything you wear these days. Some of the other spandex swimwear I have I can only wear to certain beaches at certain times of the day and I don’t think that is right.


Most spandex brief items that I have seen other men wearing have been perfectly acceptable to everyone else around them and that is the point. You can push limits of acceptable swimwear all day long but there comes a time when you just want to go out in the sand and enjoy the day. That is when I take my briefs out and find a comfortable place to relax. I still get compliments on my briefs and attention from people passing by but I don’t get the stigma of wearing something that someone out there is going to find overly butt hurt about. Sometimes you need to fit in a little in order to help changes people’s perceptions for the future.


Why I Wear Spandex Brief Designs


Who would have thought that wearing a spandex brief design under your clothing would be so comforting? I have always thought about wearing something other than my underwear that I normally choose but never could find anything that grabbed my attention. At least I couldn’t find anything until I found these amazing briefs online one day. As soon as I saw them I knew that this is what my life had been waiting for and I immediately bought four pairs so that I would have a good set of options to choose from. Now I have over thirty but that isn’t important.

My spandex brief designs aren’t being shown to anyone in public so I can wear the sexier versions if I so desire. I know that a lot of the items I pick out are meant to be worn as swimwear for the most part but I don’t have a beach nearby to try that out. In fact I don’t even know of a local pool nearby that I could wear them to and since I don’t have a pool there is no point in it. I just like wearing them the way I do because they make me feel good.

I think more people should start wearing spandex brief designs so that they can feel how comfortable they are. I have a couple of friends that I have talked into wearing them and one of them is female. You should see how sexy she looks in her brief designs. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed in my life. If she can wear them and look good then there is no reason why anyone else couldn’t do the same thing. Just go online and take a look at what they have. It won’t take you very long to pick something out and I guarantee that you will enjoy wearing them just as much as I do.

In Love with my Spandex Brief


I love wearing my spandex brief when I am out in public. People seem to like that I take it out to the beach, too. I think it is because it is different from what everyone else in my area is wearing out to the beach. Most of the people around here are wearing the same old swimwear that they grew up with and I am out there showing the world they can have something different. Why eat only vanilla ice cream when there are so many other flavors to taste? Yes, I just compared my briefs to ice cream and you know you smiled at that a little. You could even just decorate that vanilla ice cream with such things like chocolate, strawberry or butterscotch syrup.

One of the best things about wearing these spandex brief designs is that they fit snuggly enough that you can do just about anything while wearing them and they are not going to fall off. Guys know how difficult it is to get out of a pool wearing swim trunks because they try to pull themselves off. But these briefs aren’t going to do that because they are basically another layer of skin for your body. Just remember that some designs will loosen a bit over time and you might find them slipping down if you are not careful.


I refuse to wear anything except my spandex brief designs these days. I gave up my crappy swimwear once I tried on my first set of briefs and I never looked back. I will not be returning to the past, either. I cannot imagine why I never wanted to wear anything like this in the past. They are so comfortable that I am constantly forgetting that I am even wearing anything. I have been known to look around amused at the office because I suddenly realized that I was wearing my briefs under my pants instead of my underwear. That is a very weird sensation to have but one that I will gladly repeat as often as I possibly can. Let others stare at me. They will just think I am in a happy mood.

My Favorite Spandex Brief


I think I might have found the perfect spandex brief design for any occasion. Well, at least any occasion that involves me showing off how sexy my body in anyway. I love the fact that I can wear things like this these days and it does not even bother most people. I remember trying to wear my first pair of spandex out in public and everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind. But people are starting to see what spandex can offer them and it is becoming quite popular with the guys on the beach, too.

Thankfully, with the popularity of these spandex brief designs, I have been able to find quite a few of them I like online. That is where I came across the one design that I think I could wear just about anywhere I wanted to and people would love seeing me do it. I doubt that I could make it into one of those fancy restaurants, but I am pretty sure that I am going to try just to see if it will work. Maybe they will think that I am the sexiest guy they have ever4seen and just let me go in and eat dinner. If nothing else, I can simply wear the brief under my street clothes. It will make me happy and not risk offending anyone else.


“No models today just men in a tiny Koala swimsuit”


One thing I do know is that I am going to have a lot of fun wearing my new spandex brief design when I finally get it. I think the first thing I will do is head to the beach and show it off. I know that it is not exactly beach weather right now but I am still going to let everyone else know that I found something new to wear. I am going to have to look very hard to be able to find another brief design that will be able to top the one that I just fell in love.

Finding a Double Duty Spandex Brief


I have been looking for a spandex brief design that I can wear comfortably under my work clothes and yet still take out to the beach for some fun. I work fairly close to the beach and there are times when I would love to just head out there after work. The problem is that I always end up having to go home first to change. By the time I get home, I really don’t feel up to going all the way back to the beach again, especially since it is about a 45 minute drive one way. I guess I am just lazy that way.

I need a good spandex brief that I can wear to work and deal with all day long. Then, I will just have to strip out of my work clothes and head to the beach without missing a step. I know there are a lot of different designs available on the market today that I could choose from, but I just do not know which ones would work the best for me. The couple of brief designs I currently own do     not exactly fit very well under my work clothes most of the time. They tend to ride up a little here and there and can get rather tight at times.

I have thought about finding a spandex brief design that was a bit skimpier than what I am used to wearing, but I don’t know how the people on the beach will handle seeing them. I have heard some stories of guys being forced to leave the beach and change into other swimwear before being allowed back and that is not something that I want to have happen to me. I guess the only way to truly find out is to start buying a couple of designs and taking them on a test run. If I get asked to leave, I can always go back some other day with a different design on until I find the right fit for work and the general public. That will help me to understand what works and what does not work on various beaches.

The Reliability of a Spandex Brief


To many men, a spandex brief may not sound very exciting. In fact, it might seem as if it is rather boring to wear one of these as either underwear let alone swimsuits out in public where they can be seen. The thing about a brief, especially one that is made of spandex, is that it can be very comfortable as well as stylish. Briefs that are made of spandex are better than others made from such things as cotton. Spandex is a breathable material that offers either coolness or warmth depending on what is needed at the time.


Something else about spandex briefs that should be known is that they are very flattering to the body. They tend to hide any physical flaws because of the way that this material molds to the body. It will also make you feel as you are not wearing anything at all, and seriously, what feels better than going to commando? Only with these briefs you can feel as if you are wearing nothing at all under your clothes while also keeping that smooth look of your jeans or dress pants. After all, there are some slacks that really need to have some sort of underwear beneath them or the pants might look a little funny.

Now if you are still among the guys that find spandex brief designs to be boring and unexciting, you really need to give them a try. Once you slip that spandex against your bare skin, you will change your mind on the spot. After that, you will never want to wear another pair of cotton tightie whities again. Of course, you still might want to wear some silk boxers once in a while to entice your partner. On the other hand, it is entirely possible that your partner will start to find you even sexier in briefs made from spandex. You will never know until you try.

Loving My Spandex Brief


I love wearing spandex brief designs instead of underwear while I am at work. I think they are much more comfortable to wear than anything else I have ever tried in the past. I have even tried my hand at wearing silk boxers and they don’t come close to comparing to spandex; for me at least. I love the fact that they fit snugly enough that I don’t have to worry about them riding up into places I don’t want them to go, but not so snugly that I am constantly aware that I have them on. Being able to slip them on and forget about them is amazing in my book.

For any guy who is hoping to wear some kind of spandex brief design; I would suggest going with something that you would never have thought about wearing in the past. Go wild with the designs that you first choose so that you can figure out whether or not this is going to be something that you can handle. You can always go the safe route and pick out something that you are already used to wearing, but where is the fun in that? I always say that if you are going to try something new, you should go with the wildest aspect of it that you can find. Be brave! Don’t be afraid to take a bit of a risk.

Male to female transformation design on me!

Koala new suits 2013 008

The good news is that there are a lot of spandex brief designs currently available on the market that are quite wild for guys to wear. It doesn’t take much more than a couple of minutes of looking around online before you are able to find something so drastically different that you feel excited just looking at them. Once you do find that certain design; you should immediately buy it and put them on as soon as you get them in the mail. This is one aspect of your life that you will never regret even if you don’t like the feel of spandex right away. It will grow on you quickly, I promise!